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Cities Restore Lost Streets, Local Charm After Razing Failed Malls

​At a time when urban centers around the U.S. are enjoying a renaissance, some dead malls are a development opportunity. Cities are reclaiming lost streets and razing buildings that are now panned as poor fits for downtowns. Read more... Read more

Five Approaches to Reviving Aging Mall Sites

Aging shopping malls—many burdened with high vacancy rates or even abandoned—are being transformed into vibrant, mixed-use destinations that are connected to their surrounding communities. Once-popular regional shopping malls are being hit from all angles: by the explosion of online shopping, millennials’ preference for vibrant urban experiences, and ever-changing retail customers’ tastes. At the 2016 ULI Fall Meeting, “the mall of the future” was explored by a panel of design, development, and placemaking experts. Read more... Read more

Bringing Dead Malls Back to Life

​While traditional malls with rows and rows of shops and kiosks might have appealed to their parents, younger consumers just aren’t enamored with retail spaces – especially big massive malls – as we once knew them. But it might not be long before malls are built with the wants and needs of the modern millennial consumer at heart. Read more... Read more

The $295 Million Mall Taxpayers Bought Kansas City

At what point should cities make the decision to stop subsidizing for-profit development? And how do they know when enough is enough? That’s the question being asked in Kansas City and in cities around the nation as downtowns bounce back from years of abandonment only to find that developers still expect the aid they were receiving when downtowns were far less profitable places to be. Read more... Read more