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National Development Finance Summit

The CDFA National Summit is a dealmaking event at its core with a program built to encourage networking and individualized learning about all types of development finance tools and programs. At the CDFA National Summit, you will meet industry experts, connect with financing, learn about the latest approaches, and discover development finance solutions to bring to your local community. November 1 – 4 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Learn more... Read more

What We Can—and Can’t—Learn From the Floods in Baton Rouge

With an estimated 40,000 homes damaged, 30,000 people rescued, and 11 known dead, the Louisiana floods are a natural disaster of astonishing scale. The National Weather Service declared it a “1,000-year rain”—meaning that the chance of such dramatic precipitation occurring in a given year was less than .1 percent. Yet as many scientists point out, freak storms like these are increasingly the norm as the atmosphere warms up. Which raises the question: What could Louisiana’s hard-hit communities have done better... Read more
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