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National Regional Transportation Conference, June 13-15

This annual event provides peer-to-peer learning for regional transportation planners, state DOT representatives and their partners. The conference provides training and networking opportunities on a variety of rural and small metropolitan transportation topics. Session content will focus on regional planning topics for rural and small metro regions across the U.S. June 13-15 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Learn more and register... Read more

Local Leaders Council’s Policy Forum, July 18-19

​Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council’s Policy Forum gives local elected and appointed officials a chance to learn about some of the most innovative smart growth projects in the country. This year’s theme — “Solutions for Local Success” — will allow leaders from communities of all sizes to share their stories and find tools to solve current challenges. The Forum is a unique opportunity to explore the latest policy solutions and network with like-minded colleagues. July 18-19 in Washington, D.C.... Read more

Twelve Innovations in State Transportation Policy States Should Consider in 2016

This report from ​Transportation for America (T4America) outlines 12 state transportation policy solutions either passed legislatively or instituted through administrative action. According to T4America, these policy examples expand transparency and accountability, boost state and local economies, invest in innovation within states, save money, and improve safety for the traveling public. Read report... Read more

Evaluating the Role of Local Government and Project Stakeholder Engagement in Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Planning and Implementation

The Choice Neighborhoods Program, a comprehensive approach to neighborhood planning, takes into account the economic and social needs of residents in public and assisted housing beyond those of their physical environment. This report covers a three year study done on three smaller cities (Salisbury, North Carolina, Suffolk, Virginia, and Norfolk, Virginia) that received funding from the Choice Neighborhoods Program. Learn more... Read more

Local Government Excellence Awards

The ​International City/County Management Association’s (ICMA) Local Government Excellence Awards celebrate the value of professional management and honors creative contributions to professional local government leadership. The awards highlight public awareness of the value of professional management and its impact to the quality of life in our communities. Applications due March 9. Learn more... Read more

Webinar: Engage with Local Government: Critical Stakeholders in Your Walkable Community Movement, Aug. 14

It takes teamwork to create social change and you need a diverse team with common goals. For walkable community initiatives, the team often starts with advocates – for health, for children and people with disabilities, and for social equity.  But, it is also essential to recruit local government officials to the team – especially, traffic engineers, town planners, and elected policy makers.  Join councilwoman Elaine Clegg, planner Roger Millar, and engineer Gary Toth to learn how best to engage each... Read more

Why All Cities Should Have a Department of Food

Across the country, we need to incorporate food into the way we plan and organize the places we live. For this, we need officials in local government who are dedicated full-time to addressing the problem. Last month, a federally funded project with the American Farmland Trust and other partners was launched to help eight communities connect family farmers to consumers who lack access to healthy food. Read more... Read more
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