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“Made in Baltimore” Label Designed to Boost Local Economy

​In Baltimore, there are very few entry-level jobs for those without a college degree that pay enough to support a small family. Giving small businesses the extra boost of being backed by a city-led marketing campaign can help them scale, and create jobs that are good quality and accessible to those without higher education. They’ll be able to put the “Made in Baltimore” logo on their product label, or in their storefront window, but they’ll also benefit from technical support... Read more

The Place Value Economy: The Role of Outdoor Recreation in Creating Great Places

​This Community Builders webinar will explore the role of outdoor recreation as a tool for improving quality of life and local economies. Following an introduction to the findings in their Place Value study, which examines the relationships between community amenities and economic activity, a panel will discuss strategies for leveraging outdoor recreation for economic development at the state and local level. Register now... Read more

As Communities Evolve, Public City Markets Strive to Remain Relevant

F​aced with slim profit margins and new competition, Baltimore’s public market operators are refocusing on the roles these institutions were always intended to play: serving their neighborhoods with healthful, accessible foods, and supporting local entrepreneurs. Read more... Read more

Outdoor Recreation and the Local Economy

Communities nationwide are seeking news ways to leverage their outdoor recreation amenities to stimulate and grow their local economies. In addition to their social, environmental, and physical benefits, trails, parks, and other natural features offer Main Streets myriad opportunities for new investment and sustainable economic growth. Join this Main Street America webinar how communities can realize the potential of their outdoor recreation amenities for economic development. Register now... Read more

Kentucky Main Street Program Communities Contributed $110M to State Economy in 2016

The Kentucky Main Street Program announced that 39 participating communities reported a total investment of $110 million in their commercial downtown districts in 2016, a number that includes $75 million of private investment matched by nearly $31 million in public improvements. Since the program’s inception in 1979, KYMS can document more than $3.9 billion of public-private investment throughout the Commonwealth. Read more... Read more

How Public Lands in Colorado Are Boosting Local Economies

As citizens, government officials and business owners grapple with the value of public lands, one things holds true: Federal designation of an area as a national park or monument can help the local economy. The two newest national monuments in Colorado are buoying the communities that surround them. Read more... Read more

Why Small Business Matters: What Local Government Can Do to Support This Vital Economic Engine

Why should local government managers be concerned about small business? Small businesses with less than 500 employees constitute 99.9 percent of all businesses in the United States and 97.7 percent of all U.S. exporting companies, and they account for 48 percent of all employees within the private sector. But maintaining the health of small businesses is a complicated issue that encompasses demographic shifts, youth entrepreneurial education, financing options, economic development incentives, philanthropy, and much more. Read more... Read more
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