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Livable Transit Corridors: Methods, Metrics, and Strategies

​This report from the Transportation Research Board presents practical planning and implementation strategies to enhance livability in transit corridors. This handbook provides a resource for planning practitioners, policy makers, and other stakeholders to measure, understand, and improve transit corridor livability. Download report for free... Read more

Incorporating Context Sensitive Solutions and Environmental Justice to Enhance Livability

​This FHWA webinar will highlight strategies to improve livability in traditionally underserved communities through meaningful public engagement, identifying and addressing adverse impacts, and implementing context sensitive transportation solutions. Following a Federal overview, speakers will discuss how the principles of CSS and environmental justice can be effectively incorporated throughout the transportation decision-making process. Register now... Read more

How to Make Land-Use Policies Better for Women, Families, Caregivers and Older Adults

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) published a new interview titled, “How to Make Land-Use Policies Better for Women, Families, Caregivers, and Older Adults.” In the interview, urban planning professor Mildred Warner addresses ways to make everyday living less stressful for vulnerable populations by improving land-use policies. Read more... Read more
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