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Mexico City is Kicking its Parking Addiction. Can U.S. Cities do the Same?

This week, Mexico City took a big step towards making housing more affordable and transit more efficient; they eliminated parking minimums, the city regulations that impel builders to add a required amount of parking spots for every new unit of housing they create. ​By dropping rules that mandate more parking spaces, the largest city in North America will become more affordable and transit-friendly. Read more... Read more

Physical Activity: Built Environment Approaches Combining Transportation System Interventions with Land Use and Environmental Design

​The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends built environment strategies that combine one or more interventions to improve pedestrian or bicycle transportation systems with one or more land use and environmental design interventions to increase physical activity. Read more... Read more

Driving Faster Doesn’t Make You Happier

Instead of focusing on speed, which seems to have little if any relationship to how people view the quality of their transportation system, we ought to be looking for ways to influence land use patterns so that people don’t have to travel as far. If we could figure out ways to enable shorter trips and less travel, we’d have happier citizens. Read more... Read more

Smart Growth Fixes for Climate Adaptation and Resilience

EPA’s new publication, Smart Growth Fixes for Climate Adaptation and Resilience: Changing Land Use and Building Codes to Prepare for Climate Change, can help local governments find strategies to prepare for climate change impacts while achieving other environmental, economic, health, and social benefits. Read report... Read more

Mayors of Anchorage, Grand Rapids, San Jose, and Washington, D.C., Selected as 2017 Daniel Rose Fellows

The National League of Cities (NLC) and ULI announced that mayors from four U.S. cities—Anchorage, Alaska; Grand Rapids, Michigan; San Jose, California; and Washington, D.C.—have been selected as the 2017 class of Daniel Rose fellows by the Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use. Mayors will lead teams from their cities, which will receive technical assistance on a local land use challenge from NLC, ULI, and their peers from the other fellowship cities. The Rose Center’s mission is to... Read more

Baltimore County, Maryland, Resource Conservation Zoning and Urban-Rural Demarcation Line

Baltimore County, Maryland, Resource Conservation Zoning and Urban-Rural Demarcation Line Principle: Preserve Open Space, Farmland, Natural Beauty, and Critical Environmental Areas In a nutshell:  Located in central Maryland, Baltimore County started to experience development pressure in the mid-twentieth century. In response, the county in 1967 established its Urban-Rural Demarcation Line (URDL), which distinguishes between areas served by public water and sewer (or planned for service) from those not planned for service. Coupled with protective resource conservation (RC) zoning, the URDL... Read more

Density Is at the Center of San Diego Climate Fight

San Diego environmentalists and urbanists are sounding the alarm. They say if the city doesn’t take steps to increase density in its inner-core neighborhoods it won’t be on track to accomplish its climate goals. The city says the advocates are too focused on land use and are ignoring the many other climate mitigation strategies it has in play. Read more... Read more

The New American Suburb: Diverse, Dense, and Booming

American suburbs are far from a static set of cookie-cutter housing developments. But a forthcoming new report, Demographic Strategies for Real Estate, suggests that this archetypical part of the American landscape is in for some massive changes over the next decade that will reshape planning, land-use, and the real estate market. Read more... Read more
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