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Advancing a New Wave of Urban Competitiveness: The Role of Mayors in the Rise of Innovation Districts

Over the past year, the United States Conference of Mayors and the Brookings Institution, along with the Project for Public Spaces have worked together to capture a new model of growth that is emerging in cities and the particular roles that mayors can play. This handbook offers concrete strategies for mayors and their administrations to facilitate the rise of innovation districts—small geographic areas within cities where research universities, medical institutions, and companies cluster and connect with start-ups, accelerators, and incubators.... Read more

Innovation Districts: The Chattanooga Story

Innovation districts have been shown to usher in new eras of prosperity in some of the world’s largest cities, but do they have the same effect upon smaller metropolises? This question was confronted head-on when Chattanooga announced plans to establish an innovation district. This National League of Cities report tracks Chattanooga’s progress. Read more  ... Read more

Innovation Districts, Texas-Style

​Throughout the past few decades, Texas’ cities have topped many lists for economic growth and population gain, but that hasn’t necessarily put them on top of any urbanists’ lists for smart development. Instead, there has long been a (largely accurate) perception that places like Houston are city-builders’ nightmares, stuck in a pattern of sprawl. Only recently, as market forces are revaluing “urban amenities,” has this begun to change. Read more... Read more

The Development of Boston’s Innovation District: A Case Study of Cross-Sector Collaboration and Public Entrepreneurship

​This new report from The Intersector Project looks at the role of collaboration across business, government and non-profit sectors in the development of one of the country’s most talked-about innovation districts. Emerging in urban centers across the country, city-level innovation districts are geographically distinct areas intended to attract cutting-edge companies, research institutions, startups, accelerators and other related entities, creating a dense community of innovators and entrepreneurs. Understanding how city-level innovation districts can harness the strengths of each sector is particularly... Read more

Boston Mayor Releases Report Exploring the Creation of Additional Neighborhood Innovation Districts

​ Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh released a report that explores the possibility of building on the successes and lessons learned from the Seaport Innovation District and creating more Neighborhood Innovation Districts to empower the city’s entrepreneurial talent. Lead recommendations include focus on investing in people; rethink and streamline the public role in entrepreneurship; make the development process inclusive; and match the physical infrastructure with the human needs of the neighborhood. Read more... Read more
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