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Landscape Architects Leading Community Infrastructure Design and Development

​The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) urges policy makers and stakeholders to support an infrastructure plan that not only addresses today’s crumbling infrastructure, but also creates tomorrow’s resilient systems. Learn more... Read more

Include Nature in Infrastructure to Make America Great

President-elect Trump has promised to rebuild crumbling roads, bridges, airports, water treatment facilities, flood control systems and more across the U.S. This infrastructure windfall offers many benefits for many people. But if we proceed with traditional infrastructure that relies only on bricks and mortar, we will be missing an opportunity. It’s critical that we build resilient infrastructure that works and inspires, that people will value and use. Read more... Read more

How Cities Are Tackling Aging Water Systems

Flint, Michigan, has shone a spotlight on the decrepit state and lack of investment in the U.S.’s water infrastructure, but the city isn’t alone in facing these challenges. A new policy brief from the Brookings Institute breaks down how cities with large drinking water utilities are financing their water systems, and what challenges they’re facing. Read more... Read more

Rain as a Resource: St. Paul Innovates Shared, Sustainable Stormwater Management

New infrastructure systems in St. Paul use rain as a resource instead of letting stormwater enter area lakes and the Mississippi River, along with all of the pollutants that water collects. This new method of managing stormwater is called “shared, stacked green infrastructure.” That means the system does more than one thing on a site (say, irrigating plants and/or trees), to provide additional community services or amenities beyond just managing rain runoff. Read more... Read more
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