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Rebuilding with Resilience: Lessons from the Rebuild by Design Competition After Hurricane Sandy

This Georgetown Climate Center report aims to capture and share lessons learned from the innovative process for developing the Rebuild by Design (RBD) proposals and the novel projects that were generated through this competition. This report describes how the Hurricane Sandy Rebuild by Design Competition projects are demonstrating innovative approaches for rebuilding in ways that will make our communities more resilient to future climate impacts and other environmental changes, as well as to social and economic stressors. Read report... Read more

Buy-In for Buyouts: Three Flood-Prone Communities Opt for Managed Retreat

This article highlights the experience of three cities in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey that adopted buyout programs after suffering major property loss from Hurricane Irene or Superstorm Sandy. The case studies demonstrate that buyout programs are a useful tool for moving residents in flood zones out of harm’s way, but they also illustrate the limitations of current programs. Read more... Read more

Project Marks How High Water Can Reach in Monmouth County

​ As many as 100 signs marking the high water mark of superstorm Sandy will be placed throughout Monmouth County in an effort to educate the public on just how high the water could reach during a storm event. The goal is to focus attention on the effects of flooding and ensure that the public remains diligent about taking long-term actions to protect themselves, their property and their communities, and it brings an added bonus of lowering flood insurance premiums... Read more

How Sea Walls Around Hoboken Might Have Stopped Hurricane Sandy’s Floods

​Staunch opposition has emerged in Hoboken to a $230-million plan to prevent flooding. A model of flows from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 by the Stevens Institute of Technology shows how strategically placed sea walls might work. Read more... Read more

New York Battles to Save Manhattan from Rising Tides

​Three years after the New York metro area was devastated by the US Northeast’s most destructive storm in history, Manhattan is set to undergo a flood-proof transformation that could change the very shape of the iconic island. Read more... Read more