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New Orleans Has a New Resilience Plan

‚Äč In a city vulnerable not only to the environmental threats of hurricanes and disappearing wetlands, but also to the slow-burning disasters of poverty, crime and failing infrastructure, building resiliency in New Orleans will require a many-pronged approach. “Resilient New Orleans,” a policy agenda released yesterday, calls for 41 actions in three broad areas: environment, city services, and social and economic equity. Policy proposals include improving stormwater drainage, redesigning a regional transit system, and establishing a savings-matching program to help... Read more

A Housing Crisis Amid Tens of Thousands of Abandoned Homes

The city of New Orleans defines blight more clinically than some community organizations: as a violation of municipal property code. This approach of aggressive code enforcement may yield different results than more community-centric solutions that consider the social, economic, and cultural landscape over the long-term. Read more... Read more