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Portland Mayor Has a ‘Hard Message’ for Cities Like Seattle

Above is a historic Portland home, and below is a typical McMansion from New York that photographer Anthony Easton notes is far beyond the height and width of neighboring homes. (Michel Pittman, Anthony Easton / Flickr)
Portland is tweaking its approach to land management, specifically when it comes to housing. Mayor Hales notes that about 1,000 people are moving to his city each month. And those numbers add up. Meanwhile, the younger Portland population is tripling up in houses with roommates. On top of that, developers have shown a preference for tearing down homes that are considered part of the characteristic fabric of historic Portland. Portland is considering a change to its zoning codes called the... Read more

Aging in Place: Integrating Health and Housing for Low-Income and Chronically Ill Seniors

This webinar from Community Catalyst will provide participants with an understanding of why an aging population requires more effective integration of housing and health care systems, an understanding of the impact that affordable housing has on older adults’ ability to live at home and in the community, and some promising practices at the local and state level to address this problem. Register now... Read more

Rebuild Healthy Homes: Guide to Post-disaster Restoration for a Safe and Healthy Home

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) developed this guidebook with the sole purpose of providing essential information to homeowners as well as volunteers and workers who restore homes damaged by disasters. Based on the principle link between health and housing, proper post-disaster restoration is particularly important for families who have already experienced a potentially traumatic event. Poorly restored homes, due to lack of knowledge or pressure for a speedy rebuild, can create health hazards, and even make... Read more

D.C. Mayor: City’s Taking Affordable Housing to “Next Level”

Tenants were forced to leave these homes, owned by the District of Columbia Housing Authority, in 2013, before the agency renovated them and sold them to wealthy buyers. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
With nearly 14,000 affordable housing covenants set to expire by 2020, and 1,000 new residents moving to Washington, D.C., each month, the city’s “Housing Preservation Strike Force” released a set of recommendations for preserving the district’s existing affordable housing. The final report includes the ambitious goal of maintaining as affordable 100 percent of units currently receiving federal or city subsidy. Read more... Read more

Climate Change Is Already Forcing Americans to Move

Galveston, Texas after Hurricane Ike (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
As global warming causes more extreme weather and sea-level rise, coastal communities around the U.S. are starting to think about whether, and how, to help people move away from the water. But one group of Americans is already being displaced by climate change — not through innovative urban and land-use planning, but official indifference. Read more... Read more

No Simple Solutions: Lessons from Chicago’s Public Housing Transformation

At this Urban Institute event, Susan J. Popkin will read a short piece from her book, No Simple Solutions: Transforming Public Housing in Chicago. Urban Institute scholar Rolf Pendall will speak about the implications of federal place-based initiatives that strive to address systematic inequalities that have created distressed neighborhoods. Panel discussions will follow each talk. October 27 from 4:30-6 p.m. in Washington, DC. Register now... Read more

DC Preservation Catalog Online

The DC Preservation Catalog is a database of assisted housing in the District of Columbia maintained by NeighborhoodInfo DC and the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development. The Catalog includes property names, locations, and data on the various subsidies that contribute to a property’s affordability, including each subsidy’s effective expiration dates and the number of income-restricted units. The Catalog is used to develop responses and strategies to preserve affordable housing for low-income residents. Go to resource... Read more

Jobs Must Be in the Mix in Baltimore’s Vacant Rowhouse Rehab

Todd Marcus (left) and Elder C.W. Harris in front of Martha's Place, a recovery program for women in Sandtown (Photo by Jen Kinney)
A new $700 million plan aims to redevelop West Baltimore, starting with demolishing about 4,000 buildings, including many in Sandtown. About 20 city blocks will be cleared of blight in the first year, the state estimates. The bulk of the funding, $600 million of it, will go toward subsidies for developing retail spaces and affordable and market-rate housing. Locals also recognize it’s time to look past housing, to jobs. Habitat for Humanity will launch an initiative to train locals in... Read more
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