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Aging in Place: Integrating Health and Housing for Low-Income and Chronically Ill Seniors

This webinar from Community Catalyst will provide participants with an understanding of why an aging population requires more effective integration of housing and health care systems, an understanding of the impact that affordable housing has on older adults’ ability to live at home and in the community, and some promising practices at the local and state level to address this problem. Register now... Read more

Urban Sanity: Understanding Urban Mental Health Impacts and How to Create Saner, Happier Cities

(Source: VTPI)
This report examines how urban living affects residents’ mental health and happiness, and ways to use this information to create saner and happier cities. This report examines specific mechanisms by which urban living can affect mental health and happiness, and identities practical strategies that communities and individuals can use to increase urban mental health and happiness. This analysis suggests that it is possible to create sane and happy cities. Read more... Read more

Planning & Zoning for Health in the Built Environment

(Source: APA)
This Essential Info Packet (EIP) from the American Planning Association (APA) offers planners a collection of resources to help them better understand the connections between health and the built environment and integrate community health considerations into their planning and zoning work. The EIP is an annotated resource list that allows users to click through to the various websites, APA resources, and non-APA documents collected for this packet. Learn more... Read more

Exploring Community-Wide Interventions that Have Health Impact in Five Years: An In-Depth Look at Safe Routes to School

(Source: Parisi Associates)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new Health Impact in Five Years, or HI-5 (high-five) initiative highlights non-clinical, community-wide approaches with a proven track record. This Web Forum presented by Dialogue4Health and the Public Health Institute will include real-word examples of how local and state-level organizations have implemented Safe Routes to School to meet need of their communities. Learn more and register... Read more

The State of Health Impact Assessment in Planning

This American Planning Association report provides an overview of Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) in planning, a description of the HIA process, and snapshots from an in-depth study of 27 planning HIAs. The report concludes with five case studies that demonstrate the diversity of planning HIAs, highlights effective strategies for conducting HIA, and shares lessons learned from the process. Read report... Read more

Healthy Places for Healthy People

The Appalachian Regional Healthcare system located satellite services, including a Women’s Health Center, in formerly vacant and underused buildings in downtown Middlesboro, Kentucky. Hospital-affiliated services provide much-needed care and patient education while encouraging other development downtown.
Healthy Places for Healthy People is a new program to help communities partner with community health centers, nonprofit hospitals, and other health care facilities to create walkable, healthy, economically vibrant places. The program is supported by EPA and the Appalachian Regional Commission. Under this program, communities will receive planning assistance to develop action plans focusing on health as an economic driver and catalyst for downtown and neighborhood revitalization. Applications due November 6. Learn more... Read more
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