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Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (CHEJ) Small Grants Program

The Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (CHEJ) announced the availability of small grants to help grassroots, community groups improve their organizing capacity. Small grants are available for a number of activities, such as board development, membership outreach, and fundraising efforts. Applications due February 1. Learn more and apply... Read more

Beyond the First Step: The Many Benefits of Walking

Pedestrians walk along Wall Street (Credit: Michael Nagle / Getty Images)
The benefits of walking are many and widespread. From personal, physical and mental health, to strengthening relationships and engaging community members, walking is a powerful tool. Join America Walks for this webinar to learn how individuals and organizations are harnessing the power of walking to create lasting positive change. This webinar is intended for our advocates just getting started on the walking path as well as anyone interested in learning more about this topic. Register now... Read more

The Key To Healthier Living In North Texas Might Be Better Urban Planning

Klyde Warren Park's accessibility via multiple modes of transporation and heavy programming make the urban park an active space. (Kan_Khampanya / Shutterstock)
When it comes to combating health problems like obesity or diabetes, most people think it’s the responsibility of doctors and nutritionists. But urban planners, architects and engineers play a role as well. The way a city or a building is planned can encourage people to walk more and be healthier in their everyday lives. Read more... Read more

Let’s Take a Walk – Healthy Habits Spur Economic Well-Being

Downtown Port Huron
(Jeffrey M. Smith / Times Herald)
Throughout 2016, Port Huron saw an increase in downtown development. More residential lofts, storefronts, a boutique movie theater, and expanding restaurants peppered the city’s main corridor with more slated development in the coming year. While Port Huron’s walkability rating is on the higher end, however, there is still room for improvement. Read more... Read more

Suburbs Increasingly View Their Auto-Centric Sprawl as a Health Hazard

Traffic congestion in Bethesda, Maryland (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)
Planners in Prince George’s County have talked for years about reshaping communities to help residents fetch a gallon of milk via a walk or bicycle ride, rather than add to stifling traffic congestion by having to drive. But planners say they’re increasingly treating the Maryland county’s low-density, auto-dependent design as more than a traffic problem. More often, they say, they’re considering sprawl a health hazard. Read more... Read more

Biking and Walking Bring $1.6 Billion in Benefits to State, Aside from Improved Health

Denver's 16th Street Mall (Credit: Kris Davidson)
Biking and walking contribute $1.6 billion directly to Colorado’s economy — and that’s not counting an even bigger boost from health benefits, according to a new study from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Colorado residents are already among some of the most active and least obese in the country. State and local governments have invested heavily in trails, creating more than 5,000 miles of trail in recent decades where people can walk and bike away from... Read more

The Walking Cure: How Oklahoma City Lost 1 Million Pounds

Oklahoma City (I'll Never Grow Up / FlickrCC)
Oklahoma City’s residents collectively lost 1 million pounds, a result the mayor credits in large part to providing more opportunities for getting around without cars. Funded by a sales tax and a multimillion-dollar bond issue, sidewalks, bike and walking paths, and a world-class rowing center popped up in the downtown area due to the mayor’s initiative. Read more... Read more
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