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Placemaking as an Economic Development Tool: A Placemaking Guidebook

Downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan (Credit: Leisa Thompson/Downtown Development Authority)
​The Land Policy Institute, in collaboration with the MIplace Partnership Initiative, released a comprehensive guidebook on placemaking. The guidebook seeks to assist communities with quickly reshaping their thinking and acting on how effective placemaking can greatly enhance community and economic development. This publication includes research that supports placemaking, identifies the elements (good form, public engagement, planning processes of placemaking and the regulatory tools) to achieve it, and then takes a deep dive into each of the four types of placemaking... Read more

Planning Framework for a Climate-Resilient Economy

​Even with tools to estimate a community’s climate vulnerability, it can be difficult to translate threats into an economic bottom line and identify ways to become more resilient. To address this, EPA created a framework to help communities assess their economic vulnerability to climate change and improve their economic resilience. The framework consists of five basic steps, and can be adapted and modified by communities anywhere in the country. Read report... Read more

Funding Your Urban Forestry Program

​A recent feature in the Society of Municipal Arborists‘ publication City Trees by Jennifer Gulick, Davey Resource Group, offers comprehensive guidance on funding your urban and community forestry programs. Gulick gives step-by-step guidance for programs of all sizes — from brand new programs to those that are well established. Read more... Read more

Transportation Alternatives Program Performance Management Guidebook

Credit: transportationspotlight.files.wordpress.com
​The “Transportation Alternatives Program Performance Management Guidebook,” published by the Federal Highway Administration, helps transportation program managers implement a performance-based approach to ensure program goals are understood and program actions are making progress towards achieving those goals. Learn more... Read more

Parks, Trails, and Health Workbook: A Tool for Planners, Parks & Recreation Professionals, and Health Practitioners

​This workbook is a quick guide for incorporating public health considerations in the development of a park or trail. It will help users facilitate interagency and stakeholder discussion and collaboration on parks, trails, and community health issues; find data and information to engage and enlist new health partners, funding resources and stakeholders; and assess the health and community needs for a new park/trail project or enhancement. Learn more... Read more

The Scenic Route: Getting Started with Creative Placemaking in Transportation

Creative crosswalk (Credit: T4America)
​The Scenic Route: Getting Started with Creative Placemaking in Transportation is a new guide from Smart Growth America’s Transportation for America program. The guide is designed to show how creative placemaking can help advance transportation projects and create vibrant places to live and work. Learn more... Read more

Framework for Creating a Smart Growth Economic Development Strategy: A Tool for Small Cities and Towns

​This EPA publication is a step-by-step guide to building a place-based economic development strategy. It is intended for small and mid-sized cities, particularly those that have limited population growth, areas of disinvestment, and/or a struggling economy. Learn more... Read more
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