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Green Streets Plan for Omaha

​Increasingly, when we think of streets as public spaces as well as conduits for motor vehicles, the needs of functionality and appearance coincide. The concept of Green Streets accomplishes a number of significant and desirable outcomes. Learn more... Read more

Boston Planners See a Greenway Where There’s a High-Traffic Road

​There’s a growing movement among planners and green space advocates to fulfill Olmsted’s vision by turning Columbia Road, a wide, heavily trafficked thoroughfare split by desolate concrete medians, into a greenway. Advocates see it as a way to bring green space and paths for walking and biking to a neighborhood that has long been neglected. And the city has tentatively embraced the idea, including Columbia Road in its larger ambition to add green corridors throughout the city. Read more... Read more

One-of-a-Kind Green Street Transforms Downtown Fayetteville

A unique green street project that has the potential to breathe new life into downtown Fayetteville already has demonstrated its value while still under construction, weathering Hurricane Matthew without any setbacks. Read more... Read more

Promoting Green Streets: A Recipe for Integrating Water and Transportation Infrastructure Investment

To build understanding of the potential for Green Streets, River Network, in collaboration with Hawkins Partners, Inc. and Cumberland River Compact, developed this guide to support city administrators, planners, designers and environmental advocates in determining the potential – and developing strategies – for green streets in their cities and watersheds. The goal of this project is to provide a straightforward process for identifying the best locations for green street stormwater practices. Learn more... Read more

Green Streets: The Road to Clean Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the video, Green Streets: The Road to Clean Water, which highlights green streets as a technique for managing stormwater and providing other economic and community benefits. “Green streets” are natural and engineered methods for controlling stormwater that would otherwise gather pollutants and rush from hard streets into storm drains and out into local waterways. Watch video... Read more

Buffalo, N.Y., Provides Model for How to ‘Green’ Streets

​ Gone is the gritty, post-industrial thoroughfare that once provided a speedy back-door route into downtown Buffalo for thousands of Southtowns commuters. In its place: a leaner, tree-lined residential street. But $12 million in improvements brought more than just a spiffed-up street that looks nicer than most others. Ohio Street has been transformed into a “green street.” Read more... Read more

The Trust for Public Land Fights Climate Change, Many Cities at a Time

By Cristina Davia –  The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is a nonprofit organization that creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Since 1972, TPL has helped generate more than $34 billion to support state and local conservation efforts, completed more than 5,000 conservation projects and protected more than 3 million acres nationwide. Today, TPL continues to work in innovative ways. As climate change becomes a widely recognized and pressing issue, mitigation strategies... Read more

How Greening Our Streets Can Also Make Them More Resilient to Extreme Weather

​In the twenty-first century, our most important public spaces need to be not only complete, hospitable and beautiful but also green in an ecological sense. They need to be places of resilience where nature is respected. Read more... Read more