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Government’s Role Keeping Our Air Clean

​When faced with an envionmental issue that affects the health of your citizens, the economy of your region, and the sustainability of your development, how should state and local governments respond? Tune in on May 23 for a digital event exploring the case study behind how Utah, which grapples with one of the nation’s most vexing pollution problems, is working to keep its air clean and its citizens healthy. Hear from a coalition of state and local government leaders developing... Read more

Route Fifty Navigator Awards

Route Fifty Navigator Awards honor individuals and teams who work in or with state, county and municipal governments across the United States. As the Navigator Awards program enters its second year, Route Fifty will once again name 50 finalists for their demonstrated abilities to implement a great idea that improves public sector services and the communities they serve. Nominations due June 14. Learn more and submit a nomination... Read more

Community Agency & Health Symposium

​Join the Symposium to understand how fostering community agency is key to the future of health and fundamental to sustainable and equitable communities. Learn from innovators building inclusive partnerships between the health sector and local communities, explore case studies and get practical tips through six breakout sessions. This event is the inaugural symposium of Bridging Health & Community, an organization dedicated to transforming how we approach health so that it goes beyond health care and public health to include fostering... Read more

Capital Ideas II: Raising Money for Transportation Through Innovative State Legislation

Transportation for America and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments invite you to the second Capital Ideas conference. This conference will offer a detailed, interactive curriculum of best practices, campaign tactics, innovative policies and peer-to-peer collaboration to help your initiative succeed — whether you are just beginning a funding campaign, fighting to advance smart policy changes, or defending a key legislative win. Learn more... Read more

2016 Summit for Safer People, Safer Streets

The U.S. Department of Transportation invites elected officials to the 2016 Summit for Safer People, Safer Streets. The Summit will feature recognition of the Mayors Challenge Awards Winners, information about new and helpful resources from USDOT and external pedestrian and bicycle resource partners, and opportunities to network and share challenges and success stories with other cities and USDOT leadership. Come celebrate the work accomplished during the Challenge, and get ideas for how to continue to build on that work. September... Read more

Private Mobility, Public Interest: How Public Agencies Can Work with Emerging Mobility Providers

Private Mobility, Public Interest is a report for public-sector leaders committed to making it easy for their citizens to get where they want to go. The report identifies actionable short-term opportunities for today’s transit agencies and municipalities to work with emerging mobility providers. This report is an independent analysis built on a foundation of more than 100 interviews with industry representatives from the public and private sectors. Read report... Read more

100 Years After Zoning In New York City [and the Federal Aid Road Bill], Government Dominates Land Use

This month marks the 100th anniversary of two pieces of legislation that revolutionized the way we live. On July 11, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the first Federal Aid Road Bill. And on July 25, 1916, New York City passed the country’s first comprehensive zoning ordinance. These two pieces of legislation produced radical change. Read more... Read more
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