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Amazon Could Just Have Its Own City

Tech companies have essentially turned some West Coast locales into company towns b​y bankrolling infrastructure, schools and libraries; but the city of Stonecrest, Georgia, is going a step further and has offered Amazon an actual company town to be named the City of Amazon. Read more... Read more

New Atlanta Planning Book Takes Cue From Martin Luther King Jr.

​Atlanta is projecting astronomical growth over the next 20 years, and the city has a new book intended to guide population growth by considering everything from affordable housing to traffic congestion. Equity is the overriding goal, and the guide is built around the idea of the “Beloved Community,” discussed by Martin Luther King Jr. in a 1957 sermon called the Birth of a New Nation. Read more... Read more

City Launches New Savannah Shines Initiative

​The City of Savannah launched a new program Friday, they say will help improve the quality of life for their residents. The program called Savannah Shines is a multifaceted, coordinated approach to neighborhood revitalization. City leaders say Savannah Shines will focus on four things: Private and public property, public safety and community engagement. Read more... Read more

CNU 26. Savannah Call for Proposals

​CNU is seeking session proposals for the CNU 26 Savannah Congress Program. You are invited to contribute proposals to help showcase the versatility and effectiveness of human-scaled design and excellent placemaking in building cities and towns that endure through the years, absorbing change and rising to the challenge of growth. Submissions will be accepted until September 25. Learn more and submit proposal... Read more

Balancing Nature and Commerce Workshop to Benefit Rural Revitalization

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia was once on a main thoroughfare for travelers going from Northwest Georgia to Tennessee. The route passed through Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park, the site of the Civil War Battle of Chickamauga, and the charming historic town at its gateway. The highway was rerouted in 1986 to bypass the battlefield, dramatically reducing the number of downtown visitors that had been driving the local economy. In 2011, eight agencies came together in hopes of changing Fort Oglethorpe’s downtown from... Read more

Atlanta’s Raising $2.5 Billion to Invest in Transit. Will It Be Money Well-Spent?

For many Atlantans, the problem with their transit system boils down to this simple fact: It’s too scarce. Over the next few years, this will become less so. Last November, the residents of the city endorsed a new, half-cent sales tax that will raise $2.5 billion for transit over 40 years. Still, there are many more decisions ahead that will determine whether Atlanta spends its transit revenue well or not. Read more... Read more
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