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The 606 Landscape Grows, as Do Concerns about Displacement

Two years after opening, the 606, Chicago’s signature rails-to-trails project, is growing in with growing pains. The “growing in” involves The 606’s nicely maturing, but not yet magical, landscape of 224 species of trees, shrubs, grasses, vines, bulbs and forbs. The “growing pains” are The 606’s unintended consequences: Rising rents and a wave of development threaten to force out some of the very middle- and working-class people to whom the elevated park was supposed to deliver much-needed open space. The... Read more

Marijuana Growers Sow Displacement Fears in Denver

Since 2014, when recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado, Denver’s arts community and other residents who rely on low rents have been feeling the economic pressure from marijuana entrepreneurs who are often after the same cheap spaces to sell and grow weed. The displacement pressure related to the marijuana boom is impacting all manner of Denverites, not just artists. Read more... Read more

Advancing Neighborhood Change Through Equity and Inclusion

Walkability is at the cornerstone of creating neighborhoods that are vital and vibrant, allowing all members of a community to enjoy health, social and economic benefits in a variety of forms. How do we create neighborhoods where change and new development can happen along with the protection and promotion of a community’s identity and culture? Join America Walks on this webinar to learn about their recent work on the issues of gentrification and displacement and hear from three people working... Read more

‘We Failed’ To Design Park That Benefited Neighbors, High Line Creator Says

The creators of the High Line “failed” to design a park that benefited the neighborhood around it, one of its co-founders said. Instead of asking what the design should look like, the co-founder said he wish he’d asked, “What can we do for you?” Since the park opened in 2009, it has attracted millions of visitors and garnered widespread praise, but it’s also been accused of putting gentrification into “hyperdrive” and “destroying” the neighborhoods it traverses. Read more... Read more

Pittsburgh Ready to Launch City’s First Community Land Trust

After decades of moribund stasis, Pittsburgh’s real estate market has roared back. A city task force estimated that Pittsburgh lacks more than 17,000 rental units for families earning half the median income for the area. There’s ample political will to create a housing trust fund (though uncertainty over how to fund it has delayed the project), and advocates have pushed for inclusionary zoning. None of this urgency could have been predicted even a decade ago. Read more... Read more
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