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Freeways Without Futures 2017

In Freeways Without Futures 2017, the Congress for the New Urbanism identifies the ten worst urban highways in America, each of which could be removed to fight pollution, ease traffic, and improve walkability and health. Additionally, for the first time, this report chronicles graduated highway campaigns that are successfully moving forward with removal. Learn more... Read more

Now This is How You Design a Freeway Underpass

Like most places in the U.S., the Silicon Valley city of Campbell made a big mistake a half-century ago. Transportation planners located State Route 17 so close to Campbell’s historic downtown that it sheared the picturesque streets off from the surrounding neighborhoods. This was fine for cars, and awful for everyone else, who now had to duck into a dark, dirty, dangerous hole. This week, a smart redesign of Campbell’s busiest underpass revealed a well-lit path fringed with public art,... Read more

A Colorful Vision for the 2 Freeway Spur, Remade as Elevated Park

​There are two ways you can look at the long spur of Los Angeles’s Freeway as it descends into Silver Lake and Echo Park. You can see it as the abandoned beginning of a long-planned connection between the 5 and the 101, or you can argue that the mile-long stretch of road is better understood as the potential platform for a new kind of green space in a park-starved city. Read more... Read more

San Francisco’s Plan to Bury a Freeway

​For a long time, a hulking viaduct of concrete and steel known as Doyle Drive, split the northern tip of San Francisco in two, cutting right through the Presidio, the U.S. Army base at the mouth of San Francisco Bay. When the Presidio was decommissioned, the land was turned into a national park, and its buildings were redeveloped as housing, restaurants, offices, art spaces and more. Now there is a plan to surround the road with a tunnel and then cover the tunnel with parkland... Read more

A Freeway-Free San Francisco

​A Freeway-Free San Francisco explores the following question: If the Embarcadero and Central Freeway demolitions achieved success, could the same benefits result from replacing other urban freeways? If San Francisco were to remove more freeways, what strategies will generate the most success—and which stretches of road might be removed first? This report outlines practical steps for replacing freeways with surface streets and how those steps could help San Francisco, and, by example, other cities. Read report... Read more