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Forget Flying Cars: We Need Floating Ones

​ Waterways like rivers, lakes, and canals were the original interstates; most of the world’s greatest cities were harbor towns that were able to capitalize on their access to shipping. Well into the early 20th century, urbanites got around on water. In most cities, however, the rise of trains and cars, the development of more extensive bridge networks, and the general emphasis on terrestrial mass transit caused a steep decline in ferry ridership. Many intra-urban passenger ferry networks were out... Read more

De Blasio Plans Ferry to Serve Gentrifying Brooklyn, Queens

Potential economic benefits of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plans to create a ferry service linking Manhattan with a string of fast-growing communities across the East River outweigh impacts from noise, engine exhaust and traffic. Still, the system’s success hinges on its ability to attract millions of passengers with a $6.60-per-ride subsidy that would become more expensive to taxpayers if it serves fewer riders than the mayor predicts. Read more... Read more

Would People Use a Boston Harbor Ferry Service?

​There’s new life in the long-stalled effort to provide regular ferry service to the booming neighborhoods and business districts that front Boston’s inner harbor. Two groups, one led by real estate developers in East Boston, another by public officials, are launching studies to determine whether ferries can shuttle passengers along and across the harbor and not be much more expensive or less convenient than subways or buses. Read more... Read more