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Rebuild Healthy Homes: Guide to Post-disaster Restoration for a Safe and Healthy Home

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) developed this guidebook with the sole purpose of providing essential information to homeowners as well as volunteers and workers who restore homes damaged by disasters. Based on the principle link between health and housing, proper post-disaster restoration is particularly important for families who have already experienced a potentially traumatic event. Poorly restored homes, due to lack of knowledge or pressure for a speedy rebuild, can create health hazards, and even make... Read more

Buy-In for Buyouts: The Case for Managed Retreat from Flood Zones

This report presents an in-depth study of buyouts in the New York metropolitan region following Hurricanes Irene and Sandy as a tool for adaptation against flooding. It provides an overview of flooding risk, a detailed summation of buyout programs in and outside of the region, quantitative analyses that organize the region into place types, and five case studies of the fiscal impact of buyouts on selected communities.The report offers a set of policy recommendations to improve the effectiveness of and... Read more

Buy-In for Buyouts: Three Flood-Prone Communities Opt for Managed Retreat

Hurricane Sandy damaged 1,500 properties in Milford—which has the longest coastline in Connecticut, two rivers, and the
state’s highest number of repetitive loss properties—but the city and most home owners have resisted buyout programs. (Credit: Denis Tangney, Jr.)
This article highlights the experience of three cities in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey that adopted buyout programs after suffering major property loss from Hurricane Irene or Superstorm Sandy. The case studies demonstrate that buyout programs are a useful tool for moving residents in flood zones out of harm’s way, but they also illustrate the limitations of current programs. Read more... Read more

Project Marks How High Water Can Reach in Monmouth County

The remains of the Belmar Fishing Pier on after Hurricane Sandy (Andrew Mills / The Star-Ledger)
​ As many as 100 signs marking the high water mark of superstorm Sandy will be placed throughout Monmouth County in an effort to educate the public on just how high the water could reach during a storm event. The goal is to focus attention on the effects of flooding and ensure that the public remains diligent about taking long-term actions to protect themselves, their property and their communities, and it brings an added bonus of lowering flood insurance premiums... Read more

Coastal Ecosystem Resiliency Grants Program

Credit: Rutgers University
​The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is soliciting proposals for Coastal Ecosystem Resiliency Grants to implement projects to improve or restore coastal habitat to: 1) strengthen the resilience of U.S. marine and coastal ecosystems and decrease the vulnerability of communities to extreme weather and 2) support sustainable fisheries and contribute to the recovery of protected resources. Applications due August 16. Learn more... Read more

Marine Communities Impacted by Extreme Climate Events

(Credit: University of Hawaii)
​ The U.S. Department of the Interior is interested in supporting efforts by marine communities to learn from recent extreme climate events and better position themselves for future variability and adaptation to climate change in Hawaii and U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands. Applications due August 1. Learn more... Read more

Ready to Respond: Strategies for Multifamily Building Resilience

​Ready to Respond: Strategies for Multifamily Building Resilience is a collection of 19 strategies for building owners to make their properties more resilient against the effects of extreme weather events. It draws on advice from over 50 experts in the field of resilience as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The manual also offers guidance on determining a property’s vulnerability to various hazards, finding which strategies are relevant to a particular... Read more

Webinar: Using “Living” Flood Maps to Prepare Coastal Communities, Nov. 9

This webinar will focus on how to effectively communicate coastal climate risks to homeowners, businesses and governments in order to make them better prepared and more resilient to floods. The panel will address tidal and storm flood issues, as well as sea-level rise and the use of innovative data tools to predict and prepare for extreme weather events in coastal communities. November 9 from 1:15 – 2:45 p.m. EST.​​ Learn more and register... Read more
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