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Energy Choices Issue Guide Placemat

​This guide presents three options based on views and concerns of people from across the country. Any path we choose will put some of these concerns into tension with some others. Our task is to deliberate, or weigh options for action against the things that people hold valuable. Learn more... Read more

District Energy+Water Academy

While interest in the role that district energy and water systems can play in sustainable city design has grown, city leaders, developers, utilities and community stakeholders lack knowledge and practical expertise to scale solutions beyond the building. The inaugural District Energy+Water Academy will bring project teams together to address core challenges in district-scale project feasibility, financing, policy regulations and marketability through an intensive executive level peer-learning experience. Register now... Read more

District-Scale Energy Planning: Smart Growth Implementation Assistance to the City of San Francisco

District-scale energy systems provide heating and cooling from a central utility plant to individual buildings across a neighborhood or district, and these systems can save money, encourage new development in existing neighborhoods and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. EPA helped San Francisco explore how the public sector could encourage district-scale energy systems that meet multiple community goals. The report from this project presents a four-phase process to help communities understand the options for, and benefits of, establishing district-scale energy systems in... Read more

Pittsburgh’s Uptown Neighborhood Chosen For EcoDistrict Plan, Study

In 2014, EcoDistricts, an organization in Portland, OR, chose Uptown among eight neighborhoods nationwide to be an EcoDistrict incubator, with training and support for its emerging plans. The Uptown Eco-Innovation District team, contractors and the public will build a plan integrating transportation, the environment, energy consumption and community identity into future housing and commercial development, and social equity will be a big piece of it. Read more... Read more

Smart Cities Week, Sept. 14-16

Smart Cities Week participants will leave the conference with a keen understanding of the top strategic issues leaders must address as they plot a smart city course – from visioning, planning and breaking down silos to the interplay of cross-cutting technologies and innovation with core city functions like human services and public safety. The conference will feature the following tracks: Built Environment and Urban Planning, Energy and Utility, Transportation, E-Government, and Next-generation Technologies. Join Smart Cities Week September 14-16 in... Read more

Energypath 2015, July 23-24, Scranton, PA

Energypath is the region’s largest sustainable energy event, attracting industry professionals, policymakers and academia throughout the region and across the United States. The goal of Energypath is to increase the knowledge of and passion for sustainable energy in the leaders of today and tomorrow. Energypath 2015 has something for everyone: Learn about renewable technologies, energy efficiency techniques and start or expand your career in the energy industry with a crash course in sustainable energy. July 23-24, Scranton, PA. View more... Read more

King County, WA Tackles Carbon Emissions Through Transit Credits

The Metropolitan King County Council is getting serious about climate change. ​The King County, Washington initiative, called the Transit Carbon Offset Program, sells credits that will be directly invested in transit. While there are many carbon offset programs, such as clean energy, reforestation, land banking, and funding building rehabilitation, King County’s new program would be the first of its kind. Revenue derived from the sale of transit offset credits will be used by King County Metro Transit (Metro Transit). on... Read more