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Energy Choices Issue Guide Placemat

​This guide presents three options based on views and concerns of people from across the country. Any path we choose will put some of these concerns into tension with some others. Our task is to deliberate, or weigh options for action against the things that people hold valuable. Learn more... Read more

What It Means to Be a ‘Smart City’

​Smart cities have a broad range of potential benefits, from more sustainable use of resources and enhanced resilience to improved citizen engagement, urban mobility and public safety. Making a compelling case for this strategy is Charlotte, N.C. Focused on energy use in its business district, in 2011 the city started a voluntary partnership called Envision Charlotte to link sustainability to economic growth. Read more... Read more

DC to Build Supergreen, Affordable Homes in Deanwood

​The International Living Future Institute is providing technical assistance to the District of Columbia to help it create 10-15 sustainable townhomes in Deanwood. The homes will be geared toward households earning less than 80% of the area median income. They will be constructed to achieve net-positive energy usage and net-zero water usage, in addition to being built with nontoxic and sustainably sourced materials. Read more... Read more

Quantifying Transit’s Impact on GHG Emissions and Energy Use—The Land Use Component

​The Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) report, Quantifying Transit’s Impact on GHG Emissions and Energy Use—The Land Use Component, examines interrelationships between transit and land use patterns to understand their contribution to compact development and potential greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction benefits. The report is accompanied by an Excel-based tool that will enable users to determine quantifiable impacts of transit service on compact development, energy use, and air quality in urbanized areas. Learn more... Read more