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2017 NCOSAFP Annual Conference

​The National Council of State Agricultural Finance Programs will hold its 2017 Annual Conference in Arlington, Virginia. The conference will focus on the industries that make up Virginia’s agricultural base as well as the financing programs that help to grow and sustain this important economic driver. The Annual Agricultural Finance Conference will be an interactive three-day event providing a forum for sharing ideas and gaining new insight and information in the agriculture industry. Arlington, Virginia. Learn more and register... Read more

Mexico City is Kicking its Parking Addiction. Can U.S. Cities do the Same?

This week, Mexico City took a big step towards making housing more affordable and transit more efficient; they eliminated parking minimums, the city regulations that impel builders to add a required amount of parking spots for every new unit of housing they create. ​By dropping rules that mandate more parking spaces, the largest city in North America will become more affordable and transit-friendly. Read more... Read more

Downtown Missoula’s Parking Puzzle

Free parking at homes, malls, grocery stores, parking garages are causing Americans to become far too dependent on cars, while also wasting space and increasing emissions outputs. Missoula, Montana’s Parking Commission Director Rod Austin, is focused on limiting parking and depending on public transportation. Read more... Read more