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Investing in Main Street & Earning CRA Credit for Historic Tax Credits

This one-hour webinar is aimed at bankers, developers, Main Street managers, property owners, community organizations, tax credit professionals and planning officials. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the key characteristics of CRA-eligible HTC equity investments. Bankers who participate will know how to make the case to bank examiners that their HTC investments merit CRA consideration. Those seeking HTC investments from banks will learn what information their banker needs to determine CRA eligibility. Learn more and register... Read more

Detroit’s Downtown Rebounds, but Neighborhoods Lag Behind

A vacant house in Detroit's Brush Park neighborhood (Rebecca Cook / Reuters)
While downtown and Midtown are on the rise, several other neighborhoods have yet to bounce back from population loss, disinvestment and scores of foreclosures. The under-construction Little Caesars Arena, which house the Detroit Pistons and the Red Wings, is the centerpiece of a coming 50-block entertainment district in a part of downtown that’s already nearly at capacity with new residents and new businesses. But some say the city is missing the kind of targeted spending that could reduce the number... Read more

Historic Tax Credits Help Drive Revival Near Downtown Omaha

The Mayfair Building in Omaha, after renovation. (Megan Smith / The World-Herald)
Nebraska’s new state historic tax credits are helping to save cool old buildings in sorry condition that have lingered on the periphery of urban Omaha revival. Developers pounced on the state historic tax credits the first year they were available, in 2015, and a University of Nebraska-Lincoln report found that the tax credit program “has already had a number of positive impacts on the Nebraska economy” in construction spending and wages. Read more... Read more

The secrets to reviving struggling downtowns? Taller buildings, narrower streets and on-street parking can help

Struggling downtown Birmingham, Michigan
In the 1990s Downtown Birmingham, Michigan, which served a city of more than 20,000 located about halfway between Detroit and Pontiac, needed a change. Today, though, downtown Birmingham is thriving. The city’s central business strip has been lauded as one of the most walkable and pedestrian-friendly downtowns in the country, and the successful revitalization of downtown Birmingham should serve as a blueprint to other urban areas struggling to provide a boost to their struggling downtowns. Read more... Read more

Downtown as a Template for Miami’s Future

Miami's Metrorail train in downtown Miami, Florida. (Reuters/Joe Skipper)
People in Miami love their cars, and for good reason: it’s not exactly one of the most walkable large cities in the U.S. And yet there are signs Miami is trading in its decades of auto-centric urban design for a denser, more pedestrian-friendly model. Downtown Miami is leading the charge into that walkable future. Read more... Read more

Webinar: Why Companies are Moving Downtown and How New Federal Financing Helps

Downtown Ithaca, New York (Credit: Visit Ithaca)
This funders-only briefing from the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities will examine the trends, motives, and preferences of businesses that have either relocated, opened new offices, or expanded in walkable downtowns, and will look at new federal financing in the latest transportation bill that support transit-oriented development. Speakers will also touch on current thinking about more sustainable solutions for now vacant commercial and retail spaces in the suburbs. September 14 from 2-3 p.m. EST. Register now... Read more

Burying a 1950s Planning Disaster

Crews filling in the removed section of the Inner Loop in 2015. (Norman Garrick)
Realizing the devastating effect urban freeways have had on downtowns across the U.S., many cities are now contemplating some form of freeway removal. Last year, the city of Rochester, New York, started trucking in mud from the bottom of Lake Ontario and dumping it into the ditch that was once the eastern quarter of I-490, the so-called Inner Loop. The big ‘fill’ in Rochester didn’t just happen—it came out of years of discussion and studies aimed at removing what many... Read more
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