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Scaling Small-Batch Food Production in Cities: Land Use Lessons from Incubator Kitchens and Manufacturers in Boston, DC, NYC

​Food production is an industry cluster that can thrive in every city; however, while many cities have sufficient shared kitchen space for nascent small-batch producers, many of them are unable to find affordable space once they’re ready to scale their business. As these businesses are ready to grow, we must identify best practices to help keep real estate accessible and affordable to keep small and growing food and beverage producers—and the jobs they create—in cities. This webinar from the Urban... Read more

Companies Are Offering Capital Bikeshare as a Perk to Lure Millennials

​Some employers in the Washington region are getting creative in recruiting millennials, offering them Capital Bikeshare memberships as part of their benefits packages. More than 160 employers in the District are corporate members of the region’s bike system, giving their workers free or subsidized access to the network of 3,700 bikes. Employers and city transportation officials say adding Bikeshare as a flexible commuting benefit is becoming a hot perk as the bike-riding population continues to grow. Some see it as... Read more

Can the C&O Canal Make Georgetown Hip Again? New York’s High Line Architects Are Going to Try

​Georgetown Heritage, a nonprofit formed to rethink the narrow one-mile, nine-acre portion of the canal in Washington, D.C., has hired the architect of Manhattan’s High Line in hopes of creating an equally buzzy, reimagined urban park along the now-staid industrial strip of land. It’s part of a broader plan to once again make the historic neighborhood a leading destination in the city amid competition from other booming neighborhoods. Read more... Read more

Where Are the Nation’s Young Homebuyers Now? Pittsburgh, DC and Des Moines

​ Millennials in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Des Moines are pursuing home ownership more than their counterparts in any of the nation’s 100 largest cities, according to a new study by LendingTree, the online loan marketplace. These young homebuyers are at the forefront of a growing nationwide trend of young buyers returning to the housing market. Read more... Read more

D.C. Wants Employers to Pay Workers Not to Drive to Work

​D.C. officials and transit advocates are pursuing a shift in the way employers offer commuting benefits to encourage more biking, walking and transit over solo driving. A D.C. Council proposal would require employers who provide their employees with free or subsidized parking to give them the choice to cash out. With that option, workers would be more likely to ditch the car for a more sustainable mode of travel to work, officials say. Read more... Read more

Could a Subtle Tweak to Metro’s Map Fix Overcrowding on the Blue Line?

With Metro’s most recent SafeTrack shutdown, Northern Virginia riders are finally doing the thing that Metro has been asking them to do for years: They’re switching from the historically overcrowded Blue Line to roomier Yellow Line trains. But will these riders stick with their new commuting routes? One urban planner thinks a tweak could help. Read more... Read more
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