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Pittsburgh Urban Farm Aims to Combine Housing and Healthy Eating

​ The Hilltop Alliance, a nonprofit community advocacy group that works in 11 south Pittsburgh neighborhoods, began the long and arduous process of reinventing the now-vacant St. Clair Village site. Their vision: a 23-acre urban farm and a new affordable housing development. Read more... Read more

Wildfires Force U.S. Cities in the West to Reconsider Growth Plans

On Saturday, 600 residents were told to evacuate the small city of Sisters, Oregon, as firefighters worked to slow the eastern crawl of the Milli fire, one of several dozen large fires burning across the west this summer. As the global climate changes, wildfire seasons have become longer and more intense, forcing cities in the West to rethink the way they prevent and respond to fires, and even how they develop. Read more... Read more

Hazardous to Healthy: Financing Solutions for Recovering Brownfields

Join Council of Development and Financial Agencies (CDFA), our technical partners, and experienced brownfield communities as we discuss the financial strategies that restored hazardous properties for healthy reuse. This webinar is designed for professionals who work directly with brownfield sites as well as economic development finance professionals and communities interested in shaping programs to enhance redevelopment financing opportunities. Learn more and register  ... Read more

Cornerstone: Engaging Community and Forming Partnerships: A Core Component of Land Banking

Most successful land banks have found creative and consistent ways to engage residents and form other nonprofit, public, and private partnerships to shape priorities for land bank interventions and develop short and long-term strategies. This webinar will present methods for land banks to go beyond just informing community residents of the land bank’s vision and activities, instead ensuring that residents an integral, institutionalized role in shaping and implementing land bank strategies on the front end. Registration fee $45. Learn more... Read more

New Zoning Codes: More Housing Options, More Mixed Use, Less Parking

By Elaine Clisham via New Jersey Future February 9, 2016 A look at updated zoning codes from several Northeast cities shows some common strategies to use their land more flexibly to meet changing needs. Mixed-use development near Metuchen’s train station. Photo source: nj.com In what in each case was a long, uphill fight, three cities in the Northeast have updated their zoning codes. (Washington, D.C., and Hartford, Ct., have passed their codes at least in part;Baltimore’s is still awaiting adoption.) And... Read more