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Denver Developers Have Seen the Future of Parking, and It Is No Parking at All

The future of parking is no parking. Or at least a lot less parking. A growing cadre of developers in Denver and beyond are planning today for a future with less demand for car parking, building garages in a way that, some day down the road, they can be can be converted into residences, offices, retail or other uses. Read more... Read more

Denver Arts Scene Packs an Economic Punch

The next time someone asks how you’re going to make a living in the arts, you can point them to Colorado, where Denver is banking on the arts just fine. According to a recent study, Denver metro arts, cultural and scientific organizations generated $1.8 billion in economic activity in 2015, $512.8 million of which represented new money injected into Denver’s economy. The total includes $894 million in audience spending, $860 million in operating expenditures and $55 million in capital expenditures.... Read more

Denver Adopts $150 Million Affordable Housing Fund

Denver’s City Council approved a much-debated plan to raise $150 million over the next decade for affordable housing, creating the city’s first-ever dedicated local funding source to combat increasing unaffordability. The plan calls for the creation or preservation of 6,000 new income-qualified units in the coming decade, on top of the 1,400 or so projected under the city’s existing housing programs. Read more... Read more

EcoDistricts Summit

Through an experiential program designed to inspire, inform and activate, the EcoDistricts Summit 2016 seeks to drive meaningful, sustainable impact in cities worldwide from the neighborhood, up. Join the summit for inspiring plenaries, mobile tours, hands-on studios, the Urban Block Party and collaborative networking experiences to discover how cities worldwide are leveraging the power of the neighborhood- and district scale to build the vibrant cities of tomorrow. Learn more and register... Read more

National Working Summit on Transportation in Rural America

Without reliable and well-maintained transportation networks through rural areas, visitors cannot enjoy iconic travel and recreation opportunities; and businesses cannot ensure coast-to-coast delivery of goods. This summit brings together key leaders and grassroots stakeholders to articulate important safety and transportation issues that impact quality of life and economic prosperity in rural areas. It will also identify collaborative opportunities to advocate for and implement initiatives that advance the deployment of a safe, efficient, seamless, and financially sustainable rural transportation network. Learn... Read more

High-Traffic Arterial Roads Reduce Quality of Life, Even Blocks Away

A study from the University of Colorado Denver finds that living near a wide, high-traffic arterial can reduce residential satisfaction. The research is a repudiation of the suburban style of traffic calming, where cul-de-sacs and lack of through streets limit traffic on residential streets by diverting cars to major arterials. It turns out, pouring traffic onto inhospitable arterials negatively impacts nearby residential areas, too. Read more... Read more
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