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Big Philly Employer Adds New Benefit for Bicycle Commuters

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia will add a bicycle commuting reimbursement to its employee benefits package beginning in January 2017. This means that for regular bike commuters, expenses like tuneups, new bike lights and replacement handlebars will be covered for up to $20 per month or $240 per year. Thanks to the federal Bicycle Commuter Act, employers can offer the bicycle benefit on top of a salary without being considered taxable income. Read more... Read more

Brooklyn Bridge Could Get a Pedestrian-Friendly Expansion

Although the Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York’s most beloved landmarks, it could use a few improvements. With pedestrian and bike traffic traffic over the bridge more than tripling at peak hours since 2008, transportation officials said this week that they will consider ways to increase capacity on the pedestrian promenade that runs above the bridge’s six vehicle lanes. Read more... Read more

The Battle Over Bike Lanes in Washington DC

​In 2015, urbanists and cyclists squared off in Washington, D.C., against African American church pastors and their congregations over proposed bike lanes in the city’s Shaw neighborhood. Urbanists and cyclists argue that the bike lanes would improve safety and bring spillover benefits to neighborhoods. Opponents argued that the bike lanes would harm the churches by taking valuable street space mainly used for parking. The divide isn’t about better infrastructure, bikes, cars, and parking. At its most fundamental level, the debate... Read more

Boston Bike Cafe Has Transportation Equity on the Menu

​A former streetcar station in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood will be transformed into the Sip and Spoke Bike Kitchen, which is slated to open in the spring of 2017. Sip and Spoke is Dorchester resident Noah Hicks’s business idea of combining a bike shop and cafe in one place. Hicks describes those who use bikes out of financial necessity over cars and public transportation as his chief customer base. Read more... Read more

Case Studies in Delivering Safe, Comfortable and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks

​The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released “Case Studies in Delivering Safe, Comfortable, and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks,” a report that provides an overview of pedestrian and bicycle network principles and highlights examples from communities across the country. Read report... Read more

A Global High Shift Cycling Scenario: The Potential for Dramatically Increasing Bicycle and E-bike Use in Cities Around the World, with Estimated Energy, CO2, and Cost Impacts

​Cycling plays a major role in personal mobility around the world, but it could play a much bigger role. This report looks at the future of cycling for urban transportation and the potential contribution it could make to mobility as well as sustainability. The results show that a world with a dramatic increase in cycling could save society US$24 trillion cumulatively between 2015 and 2050, and cut CO2 emissions from urban passenger transport by nearly 11 percent in 2050. Learn... Read more

Orange County Poised to Become a Premier Cycling Destination in North Carolina

​Orange County, North Carolina is quickly becoming a favorite hotspot for cyclists in the Southeast. Local tourism boards are considering leveraging the growing interest as an economic development tool, while improving community branding at the local and regional level. Several advocacy groups, such as Carolina Tarwheels and Bicycle Alliance of Chapel Hill, have worked to develop programs surrounding bicycle safety; organizing events for cyclists of all ages. Read more... Read more
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