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Climate & Cultural Resilience Grants

Five grants of $100,000 each are available to local organizations around the country working to build more resilient communities. Enterprise Community Partners requests proposals that use creative placemaking strategies to strengthen the connection between cultural and climate resilience. Grantees will identify a local climate resilience challenge and propose projects in which residents, artists and other creative and cultural practitioners collaborate to address the challenge and other concerns such as equity, racial equity, economic disparities, health disparities and community engagement and... Read more

Cultural Resources Climate Change Strategy

Cultural resources are our record of the human experience. Collectively, these archeological sites, cultural landscapes, ethnographic resources, museum collections, and historic buildings and structures connect one generation to the next. The National Park Service is charged with conserving cultural resources so that they may be enjoyed by future generations. Climate change is adding challenges to this role, and will continue to affect cultural resources in diverse ways. At the same time, through the tangible and intangible qualities they hold, cultural... Read more

10 Streets that Define America

What can we learn about our ever-changing country from individual streets? To get to the heart of that question, Curbed took a deep dive into ten cities around the United States—selected for their diverse sizes, ages, populations, and locations—and talked to the people that call each place home. Throughout these stories, from Burlington to Key West to Denver, four factors emerged as the dominant forces shaping our cities: Regeneration fueled by small businesses, new Development and the changes that follow,... Read more

Webinar: Integrating Art, Culture and Imagination into Walkability

This webinar will re-image various street fixtures and places together, and share examples on how underutilized or abandoned streets and spaces have been transformed into interactive parklets, Open Street events and pop-up events by incorporating the element of human interaction. Presenters will show you how adding music can change the way people respond to subway stairs, and many more examples of how adding “fun” to the streetscape can modify people’s behavior and encourage them to be more active. Register now... Read more

Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards

The Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards is a matching grant program made possible by Levitt Pavilions, a national nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the social fabric of America through the power of free, live music. While Levitt’s signature creative placemaking program of permanent outdoor music venues is tailored to large cities with populations of over 400,000, the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards are specifically designed to meet the needs and capacity of small and mid-sized towns and cities. Applications... Read more

Surf’s Up: A Quest to Create the Malibu Historic District

Michael Blum is on a mission: to protect the iconic surf breaks of Malibu, California. He turned his focus to the National Historic Preservation Act, which he saw as a way to recognize the historic and cultural significance of the Malibu coast, in particular, while also providing a legal mandate for its protection. Read more... Read more

Smart Growth Grants Go to Adirondack Communities

​The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has awarded Smart Growth Program grants to several Adirondack Park communities. The money will provide a new water source that will serve the Town of Crown Point and stabilize production activity at the Essex County Fish Hatchery, expand the Adirondack Public Observatory in Tupper Lake, and support streetscape improvements in Lake Placid. The grants will help communities capitalize on important assets and invest in their local infrastructure. Read more... Read more

A Park as an Extension of the Museum Itself

​In Raleigh, crews are reconfiguring the land that the North Carolina Museum of Art sits on to create a new gathering space. Come summer, this 17-acre site should be covered by 400 trees and more than 20 mounded gardens filled with native plants and walkways as well as bike paths connected to more than 100 miles of greenway stretching across the city. In the center will be a manicured meadow welcoming aimless wanderers, sun worshipers and cultural events. Officials see... Read more
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