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Combining Crowdfunding And Place-Making To Help Communities Improve Themselves

Before moving forward on a revitalization project, Midtown Detroit Inc. faced the usual civic project hurdles: Did people in the area actually even want this? Would they actually use and care for it? And, equally important, was there any grant money available to offset the costs? To find out, MDI turned to Patronicity, a Detroit-based online fundraising platform that’s pioneering a new form of crowdfunding dubbed “crowdgranting.” Read more... Read more

A Portland Project Keeps It Funky, With Design and Funding

​ One project in Portland, Oregon, stands out as embodying Portland’s knack for keeping things weird, even as it gentrifies: the building known as Fair-Haired Dumbbell. The building is notable not just for its unusual name or its kaleidoscopic exterior or even its location. The project is also among a growing number of real estate developments around the country that are being built with funds from ordinary investors. Read more... Read more

Fundraising on the Move: Crowdfunding for Walkable Communities, an America Walks Webinar, March 24

​Join this webinar from America Walks and the crowdfunding nonprofit ioby to learn more about how crowdfunding can be both an effective fundraising and community-engagement tool for walkable community advocates. The webinar will include real-life case studies of walking advocacy projects, crowdfunding myth busting, and best practices for campaign planning, donor prospecting, social media use, and more. March 24 at 2 p.m. EST. Learn more and register... Read more

On the Ground Brooklyn: Equity, the Deep (Grass)Roots, and Community-led Change, Oct. 12-15

​ Ioby (“In Our Back Yards”) is a ground-breaking vehicle for resident-led change, using the power of online crowd-funding and resource organizing to spur resident-led change in diverse neighborhoods at the “deep-roots” – groups with no paid staff, nonprofit status or an existing donor base. Through ioby, residents have tools for building social and monetary capital and increasing citizen engagement and leadership, all in the context of improving neighborhoods and making institutions more responsive to people who might otherwise be... Read more

Pittsburgh Tiny House Builders Go for Crowdfunding

Tiny houses and micro-units are becoming more popular as people trade square footage for centrally located affordability in many U.S. cities. ​Pittsburgh-based cityLAB wants to address population decline in the Garfield neighborhood by building a tiny house to encourage would-be buyers who may lack the finances for other housing options. On top of a recently announced grant from the city, cityLAB hopes to round out financing by turning to another trend: crowdfunding. Read more... Read more