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Resilience: Planning on Disaster and Preparing for Disruption

​In light of an ever changing climate, increasingly stressed infrastructure, and growing security threats, we must take steps towards preventing and mitigating the duration and severity of water service interruptions. In this webinar, we will provide a basic framework for small water systems resilience planning and suggest various tools and resources to get plan implementation started. Learn more and register  ... Read more

Hurricane Harvey Reinforces Need for Cities to Plan for Disaster Resiliency

​ When a community is decimated by a 1,000-year weather event, with multiple feet of rain deposited on streets, parking lots and roofs, there is no way to plan where to put the water. The water must go somewhere. Architects, designers and urban planners have been urging communities to plan for crisis-level weather events for years; Hurricane Harvey reminds cities how important that is. Read more... Read more