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Five Communities Recognized for Comprehensive Plans

The American Planning Association (APA) recognized five comprehensive plans through the organization’s Comprehensive Plan Standards for Sustaining Places Recognition Program Pilot. A comprehensive plan guides a community’s physical, social, and economic development, which provides guidance on local land use decisions. Recognized communities include Temple Terrace, Florida; Plant City, Florida; Norfolk, Virginia; Fernandina Beach, Florida; and Prince George’s County, Maryland. Read more... Read more

Drought Contingency Planning Grants

The objective of this FOA is to invite states, Indian tribes, irrigation districts, water districts, and other organizations with water or power delivery authority to leverage their money and resources by cost sharing Drought Contingency Planning with Reclamation to build resilience to drought in advance of a crisis. Applicants under this FOA may request funding to develop a new drought plan or to update an existing drought plan (collectively, Drought Contingency Plans). Applications due Feburary 14, 2017. Learn more and... Read more

10 New HUD Choice Neighborhoods to Split $8 Million

​ Severely distressed neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Nashville and Newport News, Virginia, are among 10 communities HUD announced will receive a share of $8 million in Choice Neighborhood Initiative grants. The grants will to allow the neighborhoods to create comprehensive plans around three main goals: replacing distressed public housing with higher-quality mixed-income housing; improving educational outcomes and economic mobility; and incentivizing public and private investment in underserved neighborhoods. Read more... Read more

Can Scenic Lancaster County’s Sense of Place Be Saved? They Plan on It

​Lancaster County, Pennsylvania’s often-scenic 630,000 acres engender strong opinions about how to make the most of that finite resource. What is Lancaster County’s destiny? The county planning commission staff hopes to shape the future by writing a new guide — or comprehensive plan — for how they use their land through 2040. And that plan starts with engaging the public. Read more... Read more

Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans

Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans offers a framework with standards for creating livable, healthy communities in harmony with nature — communities that have resilient economies, social equity, and strong regional ties. Four steps show how to turn those principles into a plan and score the results. Insights from 10 pilot communities add the real-world perspectives of big cities, small towns, and everything in between. Learn more... Read more

Housing Gridlock in Alaska: Who Is to Blame When Demand Exceeds Supply?

Wedged between two saltwater inlets and a mountainous 500,000-acre state park, Anchorage sits in a uniquely spectacular location. Beneath the picturesque setting is a 100-year-old city with more than 300,000 residents struggling to meet a growing demand for housing while at the same time facing a shortage of raw land ripe for building. Read more... Read more