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D.C. Wants Employers to Pay Workers Not to Drive to Work

​D.C. officials and transit advocates are pursuing a shift in the way employers offer commuting benefits to encourage more biking, walking and transit over solo driving. A D.C. Council proposal would require employers who provide their employees with free or subsidized parking to give them the choice to cash out. With that option, workers would be more likely to ditch the car for a more sustainable mode of travel to work, officials say. Read more... Read more

Nearly 90% of Public Transit Trips Impact Economy Through Work Commute and Consumer Spending

​Public transit riders are part of the engine that powers America’s economy, according to a new demographic study by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). The study Who Rides Public Transportation reveals that 87% of public transit trips directly impact the economy, either connecting people to employers needing workers and to retail and entertainment venues. Read more... Read more

Could a Subtle Tweak to Metro’s Map Fix Overcrowding on the Blue Line?

With Metro’s most recent SafeTrack shutdown, Northern Virginia riders are finally doing the thing that Metro has been asking them to do for years: They’re switching from the historically overcrowded Blue Line to roomier Yellow Line trains. But will these riders stick with their new commuting routes? One urban planner thinks a tweak could help. Read more... Read more

Big Philly Employer Adds New Benefit for Bicycle Commuters

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia will add a bicycle commuting reimbursement to its employee benefits package beginning in January 2017. This means that for regular bike commuters, expenses like tuneups, new bike lights and replacement handlebars will be covered for up to $20 per month or $240 per year. Thanks to the federal Bicycle Commuter Act, employers can offer the bicycle benefit on top of a salary without being considered taxable income. Read more... Read more

New York’s Sidewalks Are So Packed, Pedestrians Are Taking to the Streets

​While crowding is hardly a new problem in the city, the sidewalks that cemented New York’s reputation as a world-class walking city have become obstacle courses as more people than ever live and work in the city and tourism surges. Commuters, along with throngs of shoppers and visitors sometimes bring swaths of Lower Manhattan to a standstill. Transportation officials are taking measures to alleviate the congestion. Read more... Read more

All Signs Point To Transit-Oriented Development

The amount of vacant office and lab space within 15 minutes of a train or subway station in the Boston area is a super-low 7.4 percent, according to a new report out by Encompass Real Estate Strategy Inc. By contrast, the vacancy rate in corporate suites and labs beyond that 15 minute radius is nearly double that, weighing in at 13.8 percent. Companies are not just battling it out for the best and brightest these days; they are also desperately fighting... Read more
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