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Cornerstone: Engaging Community and Forming Partnerships: A Core Component of Land Banking

Most successful land banks have found creative and consistent ways to engage residents and form other nonprofit, public, and private partnerships to shape priorities for land bank interventions and develop short and long-term strategies. This webinar will present methods for land banks to go beyond just informing community residents of the land bank’s vision and activities, instead ensuring that residents an integral, institutionalized role in shaping and implementing land bank strategies on the front end. Registration fee $45. Learn more... Read more

Detroit in 2067: Where do we go from here?

​​Trying to predict the state of Detroit 50 years from now is an idealistic pursuit to be sure, but keen observers from different fields of study contend the framework for the Motor City’s future is being installed now. Several futurists and urban planners envision Detroit making better use of open space, embracing its own recipe for mobility and building on a foundation being laid now by private and public entities. Read more... Read more

Flint Co-Op Will Put Good Food, Ownership in Hands of Residents

​ Flint created an Economic Recovery Task Force, which in turn formed the Grocery Stores Initiative, a board focused on replacing and maintaining food shopping options in the city. They began by commissioning a market analysis for north Flint, and the researchers concluded that attracting a large chain store could lead to problems, like driving out other smaller grocers or leaving certain residents without access. Read more... Read more

More Citified ‘Main Streets’ Coming to a Suburb Near You

Imagine if your bank, favorite restaurant and home were all in one place. The King of Prussia Town Center is one of these communities. It’s one of several such complexes in the Philadelphia region that developers are building or have built to resemble traditional town centers to fill the growing demand for one-stop environments. Read more... Read more

What Keeps Bike Share White

​It’s no secret that bike-share systems across the country have an equity problem. Bike share works best in high-density, mixed-use neighborhoods—the types of places that have seen rents skyrocket. Even as systems have matured and expanded, the vast majority of users have remained wealthier and whiter than the cities these programs serve. Read more... Read more

Boston’s Unparalleled Effort to Incorporate Racial Equity Into Urban Planning

​Leaders in Boston released what they say is the most racial equity-focused resilience strategy of any city to date, outlining steps to reduce systemic racism and increase opportunities for disadvantaged communities. The strategy addresses short-term “shocks” like floods, infrastructure failure and terrorist attacks and long-term “stresses” like affordable housing and unemployment—all through the lens of racial equity. Read more... Read more
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