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FWS Coastal Program

​Fish and Wildlife Service announced funding to provide direct technical assistance and financial assistance to coastal communities and landowners to restore and protect fish and wildlife habitat on public and private lands. Projects should specify benefits for species and habitats considering the expected effects of climate change. FWS will favor conservation activities and projects that incorporate ecosystem adaptation and help coastal ecosystems and communities adapt to the effects of sea level rise and greenhouse gases. Applications due September 30. Learn... Read more

National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program

The Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service annually provides grants of up to $1 million to coastal and Great Lakes states, as well as U.S. territories to protect, restore and enhance coastal wetland ecosystems and associated uplands. Applications due June 30. Learn more and apply... Read more

Coastal Resilience Grants

NOAA’s Coastal Resilience Grants Program will support two categories of activities: strengthening coastal communities and habitat restoration. Strengthening Coastal Communities activities will improve capacity of multiple coastal jurisdictions to prepare and plan for, absorb impacts of, recover from, and/or adapt to extreme weather events and climate-related hazards. Habitat Restoration activities will restore habitat to strengthen the resilience of coastal ecosystems and decrease the vulnerability of coastal communities to extreme weather events and climate-related hazards. Applications due March 15. Learn more... Read more

Rising Tides: Designing Resilient Amenities for Coastal Cities

Market demand is the best driver for innovation, and many are making a case that the intrinsic economic value of resilient design will help drive its acceptance. The collision of forces between the need for resilience and the cost of it is producing sparks of creativity, particularly in the area of waterfront and storm-related planning. Far from a defensive role, resilience can be part of a project’s marketing strategy and mission. Read more... Read more

Coastal Ecosystem Resiliency Grants Program

​The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is soliciting proposals for Coastal Ecosystem Resiliency Grants to implement projects to improve or restore coastal habitat to: 1) strengthen the resilience of U.S. marine and coastal ecosystems and decrease the vulnerability of communities to extreme weather and 2) support sustainable fisheries and contribute to the recovery of protected resources. Applications due August 16. Learn more... Read more

Gulf Research Program Capacity Building Grants, Letter of Intent due July 13

The National Academies of Sciences announces the availability of grants to enhance community networks that improve coastal environments, health and well-being. Letters of intent are due on July 13. For more information Register for an informational webinar on May 26 at 2 pm EST to learn more.    ... Read more

NOAA Announces Additional Community Resilience Grants Totaling $4.5 Million

NOAA awarded $4.5 million last month to help coastal communities improve their resilience to adverse events by aiding their ability to prepare for and respond to a variety of coastal threats, including extreme weather events, climate hazards, and changing ocean conditions. Learn more about the twelve projects, covering 200 coastal communities and 19 states, that were selected for funding. Read more... Read more

National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program

​ The National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program (NCWCG Program) was created to acquire, restore, and enhance wetlands in coastal states through competitive matching grants to state agencies. The primary goal of the NCWCG Program is the long-term conservation of coastal wetland ecosystems. Applications due June 29. Learn more... Read more
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