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Chesapeake Bay Foundation Introduces New Financing Tool for Clean Water Goals

​The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), in partnership with Quantified Ventures and with support from The Kresge Foundation and others, is inviting municipalities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia to participate in a pilot project to implement natural solutions that reduce urban/suburban runoff that damages local rivers, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay. The application deadline is October 31. Learn more and apply  ... Read more

Case Study Suggests New Approach to Urban Water Supply

If you live in the developed world, safe water is usually just a faucet-turn away. And yet, global warming, drought conditions, and population growth in coming decades could change that, ushering in an era of uncertain access to water. Now an MIT-based research team has evaluated those potential problems and, based on a case study in Australia, suggested an alternate approach to water planning. Read more... Read more

Sponsorship: A Unique Tool for Funding Land Conservation Projects with the CWSRF

​Since its inception, the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program has provided almost $120 billion to water quality projects across the country, EPA’s largest source of infrastructure financing. CWSRF funds publicly owned treatment works and a variety of projects, including green infrastructure, tree planting, and land acquisition for water quality improvement and protection. Learn more in this webinar from EPA’s CWSRF and the USDA Forest Service National Urban Forest Technology & Science Delivery Team. Join webinar... Read more

WaterSMART: Water Recycling and Reuse Research

Water reclamation and reuse research helps states, tribes, and local communities tackle water supply challenges. WaterSMART supports the implementation of water reclamation and reuse projects under development to supplement urban and irrigation water supplies through water reuse, thereby improving efficiency, providing flexibility during water shortages, and diversifying the water supply, while also promoting water and energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Applications due February 6, 2017. Learn more and apply... Read more

Training and Technical Assistance to Improve Water Quality and Enable Small Public Water Systems to Provide Safe Drinking Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is offering training / technical assistance for small public water systems to help achieve and maintain compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, and to provide training / technical assistance for small publicly owned wastewater systems, community wastewater systems, and private well owners to improve water quality under the Clean Water Act. Applications due September 30. Learn more... Read more

Bay Area Voters Agreed To First-Of-Its Kind Climate Adaptation Tax

​The San Francisco Bay Area recently approved an unprecedented tax to remove pollution from their bay and create habitats to fight sea level rise. It is also the first region-wide local tax San Francisco Bay voters have passed. The tax will fund nature-based flood protections through wetlands and habitat restoration along the Bay’s edge and its creeks, almost doubling the 40,000 acres of tidal marsh that remain there. Read more... Read more

Philly Launches Challenge for Green Stormwater Solutions

The Philadelphia Water Department is looking to make its nationally recognized Green City, Clean Waters program even more effective by launching the Philadelphia Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Innovation Challenge. Philadelphia was the first city to use green infrastructure to comply with the Clean Water Act’s mandate that the city — and 800 others nationwide — reduce sewage runoff. Now the city is looking for ideas to improve tools to assess subsurface conditions at potential GSI sites, before planning and construction... Read more

Technical Assistance and Support for Improved Protection of Drinking Water Sources

​The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is accepting applications from eligible applicants for technical assistance and support that will enhance communication and coordination between EPA and states to protect drinking water sources. The technical assistance and support should develop and expand the capability of state and tribal Underground Injection Control (UIC) programs (Classes I-VI) and state and tribal Source Water Protection programs to protect drinking water sources. Applications due July 15. Read more... Read more

City Parks, Clean Water: Making Great Places Using Green Infrastructure

​This report from the Trust for Public Land explores the intersection of green infrastructure and parks, using case studies, data tables and interviews with national experts and featuring both new and existing parks. Learn more... Read more
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