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Seeing the Better City: A Discussion with Chuck Wolfe

Join Next City and Island Press for this webinar featuring urbanist writer, photographer, and land-use attorney Chuck Wolfe. ​In Wolfe’s new book Seeing the Better City, he takes urban observation beyond design review and zoning codes, charting a future where all city-dwellers can contribute to the improvement of their city. Wolfe presents a comprehensive toolkit for cataloging the influences of neighborhood dynamics, public transportation, urban form, and other elements that impact day-to-day life in a city. Register now... Read more

Mental Health Issues Can’t Be Solved by Psychologists Alone – City Design Can Help, Too

​While many of the more physical aspects of health have been addressed using urban design, most cities have not taken the same intentional approach with their citizens’ mental health. To improve the mental health of city-living populations, the public-health, mental-health, and urban-planning sectors need to work together to find shared solutions. Read more... Read more

The State of American Bike-Share

​It’s no secret that bike-share systems have exploded across the U.S. in the past decade. The four first modern bike-share systems in the U.S. were launched in 2010, and there are now 54 systems with over 42,000 total bikes. Usage grew from a mere 320,000 trips taken in 2010 to over 28 million trips in 2016; since 2010, 88 million trips have been taken on a bike-share bike in the U.S. Read more... Read more

The Limits of Café Urbanism

Locally owned restaurants are responsible for a large amount of the resurgence in comeback neighborhoods. They are a fundamental source of the increased sales and property tax revenue, and scholars have argued that café urbanism can be an engine for the broader success of the surrounding metropolitan area. But what if, over the next few years, it starts to peter out? Read more... Read more
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