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Public Art: The Feel-Good Hit That Makes Us Linger – and Spend Money

Art is an underestimated force that can have a significant impact on the economy – not so much from the direct expenditure on the art work itself, but on the increased revenue generated from more visitors, better productivity and free publicity that is attracted to the culture that art creates. Read more... Read more

Suburban Sprawl is Out. Smart Growth, Redevelopment, Transit Stations are In

The Census Bureau recently released new municipal population estimates, and the data confirm that a transformation is indeed happening in New Jersey. A number of our urban and built-out municipalities have experienced growth since the recession. Built-out places – which also tend to be the more compact, walkable, and transit-accessible places – have reversed decades of stagnation and sometimes outright population loss, and are now the primary drivers of growth in the post-recession era. Read more... Read more

City Growth Dips Below Suburban Growth, Census Shows

​Newly released census statistics are casting doubt on the view that this will be the “decade of the city.” Since 2010, there have been clear signs of a back-to-the-city movement—spikes in city growth attributed to the in-movement of young professionals, empty nesters, retirees, and even new immigrants rediscovering the richness of downtown life. Even more noteworthy, the decades-long suburbanization of metropolitan residents was turned on its head as city populations started to grow more rapidly than their surrounding suburbs. Read... Read more
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