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Interdisciplinary ASU Project Creates Model to Predict Land Use, Climate Effects and Even Potential Profit of Urban Farming

Phoenix skyline (Joshua Lott / Bloomberg / Getty Images)
As Phoenix sprawls toward Tucson, urban planners are working to prevent the entire 100-mile corridor between Arizona’s largest metro areas from becoming nothing but concrete and asphalt. Seeking sustainable solutions, a team of Arizona State University researchers has been working to create an innovative, physics-based model that can predict how gardens and farms can most efficiently be integrated into cities to produce food in the face of a changing climate, cool the urban heat island and make people happier. Read... Read more

Finding Joy in Urban Winters

(Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters)
A contingent of hardy souls wants to change the way North America’s coldest cities experience winter, and they’re looking to a part of the world renowned for both happiness and monster winters: Scandinavia. In fact, the Danish concept of hygge may hold the key to cities’ winter well being. “Coziness” is perhaps the word’s best translation, although togetherness, enjoyment, relaxation, and comfort capture angles of it too. Read more... Read more

The Year in Housing: The Middle Class Can’t Afford to Live in Cities Anymore

(Nano Calvo / VWPics / Redux)
There’s a battle playing out on a neighborhood level in every growing city in America: between those who want to keep property values high, and those who want the chance to live in the cities that have the best economic prospects. The casualties in this war are mostly the middle class. In 2016, rents continued their years-long rise, incomes stratified further, and the average price to buy a home in major US cities rose. The strain pushed the middle class... Read more
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