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Case Study Suggests New Approach to Urban Water Supply

If you live in the developed world, safe water is usually just a faucet-turn away. And yet, global warming, drought conditions, and population growth in coming decades could change that, ushering in an era of uncertain access to water. Now an MIT-based research team has evaluated those potential problems and, based on a case study in Australia, suggested an alternate approach to water planning. Read more... Read more

Talking Freight: Completed TIGER Program Freight Projects – Success Stories

The TIGER Discretionary Grant Program has allocated $5.6 billion to 420 projects during the eight rounds of the program. Many of these projects have been completed, and the experience those grantees had can provide helpful insights for future TIGER projects and other discretionary grant programs. This webinar will feature discussion about successfully implemented TIGER freight projects. Learn more and register... Read more

How to Do Creative Placemaking

This free ebook from the National Endowment for the Arts is an action-oriented guide for making places better. This book includes instructional and thought-provoking case studies and essays from today’s leading thinkers in creative placemaking. It describes the diverse ways that arts organizations and artists can play an essential role in the success of communities across America. Read free ebook... Read more

Climate Adaptation: The State of Practice in U.S. Communities

Climate Adaption: The State of Practice in U.S. Communities, is the first study to examine in depth actions that multiple municipalities are taking to address climate-change fueled events like flooding, heat waves, wildfires and intense storms. It found that more municipalities are preparing for climate risks than is conventionally believed, that many of those actions support multiple community goals and values, and that despite the progress much more work is necessary to comprehensively address climate risks. Learn more... Read more

Buy-In for Buyouts: The Case for Managed Retreat from Flood Zones

This report presents an in-depth study of buyouts in the New York metropolitan region following Hurricanes Irene and Sandy as a tool for adaptation against flooding. It provides an overview of flooding risk, a detailed summation of buyout programs in and outside of the region, quantitative analyses that organize the region into place types, and five case studies of the fiscal impact of buyouts on selected communities.The report offers a set of policy recommendations to improve the effectiveness of and... Read more

Measuring What We Value: Prioritizing Public Health to Build Prosperous Regions

A new package of four case studies by T4America, in partnership with the American Public Health Association, showcases a range of strategies that metro area transportation planning agencies can use to strengthen the local economy, improve public health outcomes for all of their residents, promote social equity and better protect the environment, as part of data-driven decision-making for choosing transportation projects. Learn more... Read more

Cities Alive: Towards a Walking World

Cities Alive: Towards a Walking World highlights the social, economic, environmental and political benefits of walking. Informed by multidisciplinary expertise, this report highlights 50 benefits of walking, lists 40 actions that city leaders can consider to inform walking policy, strategy and design, and includes a catalogue of 80 international case studies. Read report... Read more

New Report: Parks In The Role Of Green Infrastructure

City Parks, Clean Water: Making Great Places Using Green Infrastructure, a new report from The Trust for Public Land (TPL), makes a strong case for leveraging public parks to manage stormwater. The report offers several useful case studies that explain the challenges and opportunities involved in designing parks to act as systems for storing or absorbing excess stormwater. Read more... Read more

Amazing Place: Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development

​This Smart Growth America report looks at how six cities are using smart growth and placemaking strategies to gain a competitive edge. Case study examples – Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; and Pittsburgh, PA – represent a diversity of geographies, locations, population sizes, industries, and development challenges, but all of these cities are using smart growth development to attract new companies and residents. Read report Watch the recording of the webinar to learn more and get... Read more

City Green: Innovative Green Infrastructure Solutions for Downtowns and Infill Locations

This EPA publication is for stakeholders who shape redevelopment projects in downtowns and infill locations. Using twelve case studies, it provides inspiration and identifies successful strategies and lessons learned for overcoming common barriers to green infrastructure in these contexts. Learn more... Read more
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