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Policies to Prepare for an Automated Future

​In this webinar, speakers will discuss policy issues and tools that can guide the evolution of automated vehicles in a way that supports vibrant, multimodal communities. Hear perspectives from the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), academics from UC-Davis’s National Center for Sustainable Transportation, practitioners from Sam Schwartz Engineering, and those leading the Portland, OR Smart Autonomous Vehicles Initiative (SAVI). Register here... Read more

Transitioning Building Design to a Future of Compact, Driverless Cars

​Compact driverless electric cars will usher in many changes in U.S. urban centers, from how cities are designed to how real estate is developed. Curbside parking may disappear. Parking spaces will be narrower. Therefore, parking garages and parking lots will be converted to other uses. Read more... Read more

Downtown Missoula’s Parking Puzzle

Free parking at homes, malls, grocery stores, parking garages are causing Americans to become far too dependent on cars, while also wasting space and increasing emissions outputs. Missoula, Montana’s Parking Commission Director Rod Austin, is focused on limiting parking and depending on public transportation. Read more... Read more

How Autonomous Cars and Buses Will Change Urban Planning

​Are U.S. cities ready for driverless cars? When you consider that city planning has largely revolved around roadway infrastructure, the urban form as we know it will be radically transformed by self-driving technology. It’s important to consider the effect autonomous cars will have in order to fully gauge how the American city might brace itself over the next few decades. Read more... Read more
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