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In Baltimore, Combining Bikes and Buses to Reconnect a Car-Lite City

​ A lot is about to change about transportation in Baltimore. In July, its sprawling, spindly bus system will get a so-called “haircut,” refocusing bus service around neighborhoods with higher ridership in this city where only two in three households owns a car. Starting in July, the time between bus arrivals will drop from 30-40 minutes to 10 minutes or less. Baltimore is also hoping to spend the next three years installing a low-stress biking network in six neighborhoods. Read... Read more

How Engineering Standards for Cars Endanger People Crossing the Street

​At the Landmark Interchange by Fenway Park in Boston, people trying to walk across the street sometimes have to wait as long as two minutes for a signal. And that, says Northeastern University Civil Engineering Professor Peter Furth, is dangerous. Two minutes is an unreasonably long time to ask someone to wait — especially in one of the nation’s most walkable cities. Faced with that delay, says Furth, people will try their luck crossing against the light. To compound the... Read more

Automakers Prepare for an America That’s Over the Whole Car Thing

For decades, automakers have been able to count on a fundamental fact of American life: You pretty much need a car to get around. But due to new technologies and demographic and economic trends, many young Americans do not consider owning a car a necessity — or a necessary expense. So carmakers are looking ahead to a day when the automobile plays a smaller role, or even no role at all, in many people’s daily routines. Read more... Read more

Connected Counties: Tech Innovations in Transportation

​This National Association of Counties report features counties that are: 1) creating policies to explore research and testing of connected and autonomous vehicle technology, or 2) conducting research and testing the technology and its application themselves and with partners. While this study focuses primarily on the implications of driverless cars in passenger travel on roadways, this growing industry is poised to reshape transit and freight travel, as well. Learn more... Read more
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