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Car-free in Cleveland: Letting Go of the Wheel of the Personal Vehicle

Cleveland was ranked the best U.S. city in which to be car-free by USA Today this year. The ranking, which was presented as a top 10 list, was designed as a guide for visitors looking to forgo renting cars while traveling. However, being car-free in Cleveland as a resident is a different experience than that of a tourist. When it comes to the day-to-day reality of living, working and playing in Cuyahoga County, it can be a challenge to get... Read more

Downtown Manhattan Is the New Frontier of the Car-Free City

The Great Lower Manhattan Car Experiment allowed pedestrians and cyclists to take over a 60-block swath of downtown Manhattan. Where cars usually rule, street musicians performed in bustling intersections, an art studio popped up on Bowling Green. And cars were subject to an intentionally inconvenient 5 mph speed limit. While the experiment lasted just five hours, it marks New York City’s largest test in pedestrianization of the decade, and is part of a global trend of cities favoring walking over... Read more

Americans Will Pay More to Live Near Transit

Fifty-five percent of Americans say they are willing to pay more for their mortgage or rent in order to get to work and recreational activities without having to use a car, a new study of transit-oriented developments by the HNTB Corp revealed. Millennials, in particular, show much more willingness to pay more each month than older Americans – 70 percent versus 49 percent. Read more... Read more

“Opportunity Score” Shows Best Places to Find a Job Without Owning a Car

​ Which places put economic opportunity within reach for residents who don’t own cars? There’s a new tool to evaluate housing locations according to the accessibility of jobs via transit and walking. Redfin, the company that runs Walk Score, released “Opportunity Score,” which ranks millions of addresses across 350 cities based on the number of jobs within a 30-minute walk or transit ride. Read more... Read more
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