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How Uber Works Together With Southern California’s Growing Rail Network

​If you were in a dense urban area like Manhattan or central London, where stations can be found every few blocks, you probably walked there. On the other hand, if you started out in a suburban or rural area where the nearest station was a few miles away, you may have taken the bus to the station, driven to a park-and-ride lot, been dropped off by someone else, or even biked over. Uber’s Policy Research team is keenly interested in... Read more

“Our Community CarShare Sacramento” Provides EVs to Affordable Housing Community

​Thanks to the support of the California Air Resources Board’s Cap and Trade program, the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, Zipcar and other partners, Sacramento-based nonprofit Mutual Housing California recently became the site of an electric car-sharing program for residents of one of their affordable housing communities. Read more... Read more

San Francisco Is Redesigning City Hall Plaza Into a Space for All

​San Francisco has planned a slate of new initiatives to transform UN and Civic Center Plazas, and the spaces between them, with inclusivity as a specific goal. Design alone cannot be expected to solve social problems, but thoughtful design can be a part of the solution. Read more... Read more

California Won’t Meet Its Climate Change Goals Without a Lot More Housing Density In Its Cities

​To meet the bold new climate change goals put in place last year, California will work to put millions of electric cars on the road, revolutionize its dairy industry and generate half of all power from solar panels and other renewable sources. But those efforts will come up short, warn state regulators, without dramatic changes to how Californians live and travel. Getting people out of their cars in favor of walking, cycling or riding mass transit will require the development... Read more
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