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The Map for Baltimore’s New Bus System is Positively Radiant

​Baltimore will soon be the latest American city to overhaul its bus network in an attempt to jumpstart ridership. The plan, known as “BaltimoreLink,” will go into effect on June 18. The core of the BaltimoreLink plan is a dozen color-coded, high-frequency routes known as CityLink lines. They’ll run 24 hours a day along Baltimore’s downtown grid and then radiate out of the city in every direction, complimented by less frequent local and express lines. Read more... Read more

In Baltimore, Combining Bikes and Buses to Reconnect a Car-Lite City

​ A lot is about to change about transportation in Baltimore. In July, its sprawling, spindly bus system will get a so-called “haircut,” refocusing bus service around neighborhoods with higher ridership in this city where only two in three households owns a car. Starting in July, the time between bus arrivals will drop from 30-40 minutes to 10 minutes or less. Baltimore is also hoping to spend the next three years installing a low-stress biking network in six neighborhoods. Read... Read more

As Bus Ridership Declines, Transit Experts Make The Case For All-Door Boarding

Bus ridership is in decline in some of America’s largest cities. The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) and TransitCenter recently co-authored a white paper outlining their idea for improving buses and, in turn, increasing ridership again. They say every transit agency should adopt all-door boarding on their buses and do it as soon as possible. Read more... Read more

Anchorage Faces Tough Choices in Bus System Redesign

Tradeoffs in Anchorage’s bus system redesign boil down to two basic sacrifices: maximizing geographic coverage versus maximizing ridership, and designing a complex system versus a connected one. With either redesign, some passengers would need to travel farther to reach a bus stop than they now do, and fewer people would have easy access to any transit at all. But in the denser parts of the city, buses would arrive every 15 or 30 minutes, instead of hourly, as they do... Read more

No, Uber’s Not Going to Replace Buses, But It Can Complement Them

In a new report, “Private Mobility, Public Interest,” TransitCenter deflates some of the hype surrounding ridesharing services while laying out several opportunities for productive collaboration between public transit agencies and private mobility providers. Despite what you may have read, none of these services will replace transit — at least not buses and trains that move large numbers of people. But that doesn’t mean they can’t help transit agencies improve service, diversify their offerings, and operate more effectively. Read more... Read more
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