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In Baltimore, Combining Bikes and Buses to Reconnect a Car-Lite City

​ A lot is about to change about transportation in Baltimore. In July, its sprawling, spindly bus system will get a so-called “haircut,” refocusing bus service around neighborhoods with higher ridership in this city where only two in three households owns a car. Starting in July, the time between bus arrivals will drop from 30-40 minutes to 10 minutes or less. Baltimore is also hoping to spend the next three years installing a low-stress biking network in six neighborhoods. Read... Read more

Why a Struggling Industrial City Decided Bikes Are the Way Forward

Reading, Pennsylvania, isn’t your stereotypical biking mecca. It’s a low-income, largely Latino, post-industrial city of almost 90,000 people. But without much of anything in the way of bike infrastructure, Reading has the third-highest rate of bike commuting in Pennsylvania and is among the top 15 cities on the East Coast. Read more... Read more

The Country’s Largest Bike-Share Operator Is Now Making Its Bikes In Detroit

​The company that manages New York’s bike-share program—along with many of the other major bike-share networks in the country—has decided to start manufacturing bicycles in the U.S. In part, that’s because bike share is growing quickly, and Motivate, the company that runs the programs, wanted to be able to respond equally quickly with production. As cities expand their fleets, Motivate decided to revamp production and manufacture bikes in Detroit. Read more... Read more

Boston Bike Cafe Has Transportation Equity on the Menu

​A former streetcar station in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood will be transformed into the Sip and Spoke Bike Kitchen, which is slated to open in the spring of 2017. Sip and Spoke is Dorchester resident Noah Hicks’s business idea of combining a bike shop and cafe in one place. Hicks describes those who use bikes out of financial necessity over cars and public transportation as his chief customer base. Read more... Read more
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