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In Baltimore, Combining Bikes and Buses to Reconnect a Car-Lite City

​ A lot is about to change about transportation in Baltimore. In July, its sprawling, spindly bus system will get a so-called “haircut,” refocusing bus service around neighborhoods with higher ridership in this city where only two in three households owns a car. Starting in July, the time between bus arrivals will drop from 30-40 minutes to 10 minutes or less. Baltimore is also hoping to spend the next three years installing a low-stress biking network in six neighborhoods. Read... Read more

New Designs Look to Make Edmonton Winters Less Severe

Using color and light is the basis of a proposed plan from Edmonton’s Winter City working group. The winter design guidelines were crafted by a local architects, builders, and planners to get the most out of Edmonton’s long dark six months of winter using five main principles: blocking wind, emphasizing sunshine, adding light, adding color, and promoting cycling. Read more... Read more

Street Lights: Illuminating Implementation and Equity in Complete Streets

A Complete Streets approach can help Americans improve our health, our daily commutes, our local economies, and our communities. How can advocates encourage Complete Streets and work with engineers and practitioners to get these projects built? Join the National Complete Streets Coalition to answer these questions at Street Lights: Illuminating Implementation and Equity in Complete Streets, their first-ever Complete Streets conference. For more information... Read more
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