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What Keeps Bike Share White

​It’s no secret that bike-share systems across the country have an equity problem. Bike share works best in high-density, mixed-use neighborhoods—the types of places that have seen rents skyrocket. Even as systems have matured and expanded, the vast majority of users have remained wealthier and whiter than the cities these programs serve. Read more... Read more

China’s ‘Dockless’ Bike Sharing Could be Coming to a Street Near You

Chinese companies are rolling into the U.K., the U.S. and beyond, aiming to supplement existing bikeshare programs with their fleets of colorful bikes that don’t need docking stations. ​These bikes can be locked and unlocked anywhere via a smartphone app, which means users don’t have to return them to designated stations. Read more... Read more

Detroit Works Bike-Share Into a Car-Centric City

​One month after launching, Detroit’s new bike-share system is exceeding expectations and has residents and policymakers excited about its future. MoGo isn’t going to be the silver bullet that fixes all of the city’s transportation access problems — what bike-share is? — but the groundwork has been laid for it to be an important piece of the mobility puzzle in this sprawling, 139-square-mile city. Read more... Read more
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