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Manual on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Transit

​This manual provides a compendium of best practices to help transit and other transportation professionals improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access to transit, including information on evaluating, planning for, and implementing improvements to pedestrian and bicycle access to transit. Learn more... Read more

Compromises Made, Portland Opens Ambitious Bikeway

L​ast week, the Portland Bureau of Transportation opened the $4.5 million, 9.1-mile “20s Bikeway.” The project combines neighborhood greenways, bike lanes and arterial crossings to create a rare north-south route through the entire city. PBOT Director Leah Treat says it is the largest bike project her agency has delivered all at once. Read more... Read more

New Zoning Codes: More Housing Options, More Mixed Use, Less Parking

By Elaine Clisham via New Jersey Future February 9, 2016 A look at updated zoning codes from several Northeast cities shows some common strategies to use their land more flexibly to meet changing needs. Mixed-use development near Metuchen’s train station. Photo source: nj.com In what in each case was a long, uphill fight, three cities in the Northeast have updated their zoning codes. (Washington, D.C., and Hartford, Ct., have passed their codes at least in part;Baltimore’s is still awaiting adoption.) And... Read more