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Making Signals Work for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

​To create transportation networks that are supportive of bicycling and walking, transportation professionals should make use of existing infrastructure. This includes traffic signals and engineering treatments at intersections that can take advantage of a wide range of strategies to improve crossings. This webinar will focus on how agencies can use their traffic signals to make intersections safer and more comfortable for nonmotorized road users. Learn more and register... Read more

Manual on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Transit

​This manual provides a compendium of best practices to help transit and other transportation professionals improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access to transit, including information on evaluating, planning for, and implementing improvements to pedestrian and bicycle access to transit. Learn more... Read more

When Cities Won’t Protect Bike Lanes, ‘Human Bollards’ Step Up

​ New York City’s signature green-painted bike lanes have spread nearly as fast as Duane Reades and Chase Banks, it seems. But many new lanes are unprotected by physical barriers, which help make safe rides for drivers and cyclists alike. So on a Tuesday morning in late August, local bike lovers used their bodies to protest—and protect—a particularly exposed stretch. Read more... Read more
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