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Creating Value: Assessing the Return on Investment in Complete Streets

How can benefit-cost analyses emphasize the value of Complete Streets? And what can advocates do to make Complete Streets a higher priority in city and state budgets? Join the National Complete Streets Coalition and Stantec to learn how to plan and design Complete Streets projects to make them more competitive for grants. The webinar will also explore how to use basic return on investment analysis to measure the benefits of Complete Streets. Register now... Read more

Biking and Walking Bring $1.6 Billion in Benefits to State, Aside from Improved Health

Biking and walking contribute $1.6 billion directly to Colorado’s economy — and that’s not counting an even bigger boost from health benefits, according to a new study from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Colorado residents are already among some of the most active and least obese in the country. State and local governments have invested heavily in trails, creating more than 5,000 miles of trail in recent decades where people can walk and bike away from... Read more

Survey of 50 U.S. Cities Sees Benefits of Historic Preservation

Created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Green Lab, the Atlas of ReUrbanism examines more than 10 million buildings of all ages, scoring urban areas by the median age of buildings, the diversity of ages in an area, and the size of buildings and parcels. According to the report, areas with only new buildings are less likely to promote entrepreneurial activity, density, and diversity than areas with a mixture of new and old. Places with older, smaller buildings... Read more

Does Tree Planting Pay Us Back? Lessons From Sacramento, CA

​Political support for urban greening has been fueled by research that quantifies the ecosystem services of planting initiatives. Major cities have been launching “million tree” campaigns, hoping that those trees pay us back. But do they? Only if the trees are properly selected, planted, and cared for. Read more... Read more

California’s Street Trees Are Worth About $1 Billion

​Scientists at the U.S. Forest Service have calculated the dollar value of urban trees in cities around the U.S., measuring the benefits trees provide by sequestering carbon, improving air quality, providing shade, reducing noise, and absorbing rainfall. Their latest coup: adding up the value of California’s 9.1 million street trees. Read more... Read more

Selling Smart Growth: Communicating The Direct Benefits of More Accessible, Multi-Modal Locations to Households, Businesses and Governments

​The Victoria Transport Policy Institute in Canada released a report in May titled “Selling Smart Growth” that examines the trade-offs that households make between housing and transportation costs, and describes how to communicate these trade-offs to stakeholders. Read more... Read more

Why More Cities Need to Add Up the Economic Value of Trees

To get the biggest bang for tree planting and maintenance bucks, Tampa turns to University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences urban forester Rob Northrop, for information on which trees provide the greatest shade, which can be planted closest to sidewalks and parking lots without root growth buckling pavement and which species best withstand floods in a city already impacted by sea level rise. Read more... Read more
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