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The Promise and Challenges of Automated Technologies Webinar

​Industry-leading experts from Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s Center for Vulnerable Road User Safety, and Charles River Analytics will share the latest in connected and automated technologies, and describe the challenges and potential for improving pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility through these innovations. A facilitated discussion will follow. Learn more and register... Read more

3 Ways EVs Could Sideswipe the ‘Rules’ of Urban Living

Gabe Klein, a former Zipcar vice president and expert on urban design and transportation, estimates there are 30 parking spots for every person in Houston. This statistic underscores just how profoundly car ownership has affected city planning. The rise of electric vehicles, not just cars, could encourage cities to put people first when planning neighborhoods and transportation systems. They could prioritize shared modes of transportation and pedestrian traffic, and set aside discussions about building more highways and roads. Read more... Read more

How Autonomous Cars and Buses Will Change Urban Planning

​Are U.S. cities ready for driverless cars? When you consider that city planning has largely revolved around roadway infrastructure, the urban form as we know it will be radically transformed by self-driving technology. It’s important to consider the effect autonomous cars will have in order to fully gauge how the American city might brace itself over the next few decades. Read more... Read more

Automated Vehicles 101

Automated vehicles (AVs) could fundamentally change our roadways. These vehicles have the potential to bring significant benefits, such as a reduction in vehicle crashes and increased mobility for the elderly and those who are unable to drive. As a result, it is important that public agencies have a clear understanding of the technology and its capabilities. This webinar from the U.S. Department of Transportation will cover basic information about automated vehicle technology, recent developments in industry, implications for state and... Read more
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