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Michigan Municipal League CEO Discusses Development Strategies to Enhance City Appeal

Dan Gilmartin, the executive director and CEO of the nonprofit Michigan Municipal League, spoke on urban development, aiming at educating students about placemaking, which is an economic strategy to boost city appeal by sponsoring events or creating interesting sites to attract a community. Examples of placemaking include areas like Campus Martius, a park between office buildings in downtown Detroit, and events that bring a community together like ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. Read more... Read more

Few US Neighborhoods Affordable, Walkable With Good Schools

​Across the country, just 14 percent of neighborhoods manage to be at once affordably priced, walkable and near decent schools. And many of those neighborhoods exist in only two cities: Washington and Seattle, according to a new analysis released Wednesday by the real estate brokerage Redfin. The findings suggest a substantial mismatch between the neighborhoods where people say they want to live and the homes actually available to them.   Read more... Read more

Rich People Walk and Bike for Different Reasons Than Poor People Do

​A recent study finds that what we traditionally consider the essential components of walkable urbanism are not necessarily the most important factors to everyone. A survey of both high and low income residents in Seattle’s Lake Washington neighborhoods found that for lower-income people, the neighborhood qualities that were associated with more walking were ones you would expect, such as density and convenience. For rich people, what mattered was whether they perceived their neighborhood as attractive. Read more... Read more